The current pandemic continues to remind us that life is precious. It is not to be taken for granted. Every second and every minute is a gift. Which means one must not ever waste an opportunity to tell family members and friends these 3 letter words. . .I LOVE YOU!

There are many people dealing with the loss of a family member, and loved ones, during the epidemic. There are those, who have been dealing with grief, before the period began. Dealing with lingering grief, in addition to the battles with the current pandemic, creates a rather unique situation. Dealing with one loss, while grappling with the fear of it possibly happening again. Examining the present times in feeling how uncertainty makes a person anxious. People are not interested in waiting. In the minds of so many, waiting translates as lost time. If this current epidemic is teaching us anything, its that time is one thing we do not always have. Time is a gift, but it will not wait for us.


There is a certain aura of knowledge that comes when you have dealt with loss, prior to any epidemic. A particular wisdom, which is a real treasure, during this time. When a person has been mourning before an epidemic, there is a practice of sitting in grief, and navigating through. It is one of the most awful experiences to go through. There is mental agony. There is the performance of going back and forth in your head, on what went wrong. Could you have saved them? What if you had done something different? From that moment of their passing, to prior moments, before, you go back to wonder about their final moments. If only you had been there.

For those who have grappled with grief before the pandemic, their wisdom and stories are sources of strength and hope. They are key in helping us to navigate through this period of uncertainty. In addition, it is their insight, which assists others, who have lost family members and loved ones. Having already gone through that process of navigating through grief, they have set the tone for how we are to get through this period.

Whether its the endless tears, sleepless nights, strangeness of being alive, or the discomfort of living in the moment, when the world has stopped. Having gone through that horrible energy of having lost a family member or loved one. The word pain does not even describe that level of loss. In fact, its an insult to even use it. Because some feelings are so extreme that they cannot be captured and described with words.


One of the gifts given to us, by those who dealt with grief prior to corona, is that they teach us how to use movement in living through that horrendous phase of the mourning process. Even if its through smaller steps. Their very lives give us a visual in how we are able to walk in life’s aura, even after having dealt with the feelings of lifelessness. Sometimes that visual does not look good. It can even be disturbing. Nevertheless, you are there. In the world of the living!

Another important gift pre-corona mourning survivors are giving us, is the improvement. Each day, there is a mastery in getting through. Which means that the mourning process becomes easier, in getting through. There is ease in being able to breathe. There is ease in simply walking. Food becomes a tool in re-gaining strength. Sometimes, the loss of life causes people to remove themselves from anything sustaining it.

In our discussions of those, who were suffering from loss, pre-corona, their gifts to society plays a role. Yet, in turn, they too are being re-warded with something. Numerous things, in fact. One of those treasures is how this public health epidemic is forcing us to be closer to family and friends. Since the world has come into stillness, humanity is forced to be more connected. Which means the pains of pre-corona loss are further comforted by our familial and friendship support networks. Getting through grief means that we are able to have more frequent telephone calls. It also translates into more time for letter writing. Stating we are doing the work of staying together, re-healing old wounds, and strengthening bonds. Quilting them so tight, that such strength becomes normalized. So normal, that it becomes as natural as breathing.


During this time, experiencing grief means that pre-corona mourners can find healing. Its a different feeling for those, who are experiencing loss during this current period. That category of mourning is during those agonizing times. Yet, for the pre-corona mourners, their journey is a mirror image for Beings dealing with a fresh loss. Their journeys are signs of hope. Happier images when the grieving process is over.

Mourning is a natural process of life. In fact, it brings an oddly euphoric attribute to the this experience, called life. Looking how to work through those energies of loss. That Spirit of imbalance. When something, and someone, has been removed from us. Doing the work of re-balance that energy, and calling for more energy. Expanding that energy of restoration and ensuring that it grows, abundantly. Allowing family foundations and friendship ties to be restored, evermore. Making bonds for humanity to be interconnected and interlinked.

Having dealt with loss prior to the corona epidemic has its challenges. Simultaneously, it also has its hidden fruits. One of those is that of consolation. Who would ever know that one person’s pain is another’s direction? Then again, that’s one of the intricacies of life, isn’t it? Making human loss during this current pandemic one of mentorship and support, for those who will have to deal with loss, afterwards.



  • Lauren K. Clark

    Lauren K. Clark hails from Atlanta, Georgia. Currently based in Cairo, Egypt, she is a lover of travel, studying different languages, the arts, and more!

    Coming from Atlanta, Georgia, Lauren K. Clark came to Cairo, Egypt for her graduate studies in Gender & Women's Studies/Migration and Refugee Studies. A writer, published in 6 countries, project coordinator, working with refugee/migrant children, and just enjoying the magic and power of life. The world of theater is her therapy, and the performing arts lavishes her world! Enthralled with the mysteries of the Universe, and all the beauties, Creation has to offer.