“Let me just find my feet”

She said

Befuddled by the flights of life


But surely

Her feet are on her body?

How can they be so hard to find


Sometimes we live life

In the sky, or

In our heads, in work, in planes 


But imagine, 


Have you ever felt

I mean, truly felt

The ground beneath your feet?


There’s a moment in time

When the floor

Almost pushes you up

*Is it resistance?

Or is it allowing?

Maybe it’s both


It’s like an Asana (Yoga Posture)

In the beginning its feels tight and tough

But when you relax, it feels beautiful 


Magic happens with these two forces working together

Push and pull

Resistance and allowing


Holding you in great stead

Keeping you there



Just like life

As you resist it, it becomes painful

And as you allow it, it flows through you


So being grounded in life

Is key

And enables you to relax


Imagine if I have 

Already found my feet

Then I can stand tall


Knowing the ground is just there

Makes it so much easier

To fall


And when you fall

You know that you can just get back up

Because you are already grounded