In our many attempts at getting it “right” in our journey towards success, it is as if we tend to lose focus when creating our goals. Actually, that is why we tend to come up short to begin with-no goals. I’ve recently been working diligently to rewire my mindset and in the process I stumbled across a very insightful read. The book is entitled, The Optimist Creed, by Christian D. Larson. In the book, there is a specific section dedicated towards goal setting that is worth sharing. I’ve done my best to summarize these words with the intention of making the act of goal setting an easier task! It doesn’t have to be painful folks! It’s more or less all about doing!

So here goes: Every mental action toward a goal must always be in view. Constantly. No ifs, ands, or buts period. Those who are rested on achievement never cease to think about their goal(s) whatever it/they may be. It is an endless hunger. Simply, a seed that is planted but is consistently tended towards. In this instance, you are the gardener of your own mind. Nourishment=fulfillment. As soon as you see that your garden is full of weeds, it is up to you to tend towards those needs.

Pests/invasive species are never welcomed. Get rid of them at all costs. Your harvest is only the best!

To ensure that your yield is plenty ask yourself 3 essential questions:

1. What is it that I want?

2. How can I make every mental action positive towards getting what I want?

3. How can I make every mental action constructive to grow greater?

Invasive Species to Watch Out For: The forceful, the aggressive, the domineering, the intense, the doubters. Rid these people as soon as the enter your Garden of Goals. These are the people who are waiting for you to fall. Ignore them, and keep growing.

Again, only you can plant the seed within your Garden of Goals. Begin with these questions, and watch your goals flourish!