Just like a plant

I leaned in

I reached over

To the spot where sun hit the bed

The comfort was no longer enough


Cocooned as I was

It was the growth that was craved

For in every seed lies potential


Memories playing in the mind

Imagination escaping reality 

Acceptance is key

Did the seed ever try to be anything, other than a seed?


A sip of water

And removal of the weeds 

Own your space, be there

‘Shine bright like a diamond’ she said 


Isn’t it ironic

That the plant never moves

That the plant is grounded 

Yet it grows?


And us?

We run, we chase

We have mastered the art of movement

Forgetting the power of stillness


And it isn’t like the seed 

Looks outside

Apparently potential lies within

That’s where you should look!


And when someone shouted at the seed

And said ‘you are a stone’

It laughed 

And let its first sprout appear


Forgiving the abuser

The plant accepted also

That a weed is a weed

And must accept itself too


For all states

Are perfect

And all phases are necessary

Beauty transcends time


Never forgetting

For even a second 

Its own essence

Therein lies success 

Exemplified outside, as growth