FaceBook has become one of the fastest-growing social networks in recent times, with more than one billion users and a high level of interaction. 80% of these users follow at least one company account. With this data, most online marketing companies take this social network into account in their online marketing strategies.

In this article, we want to offer some tips so that you know how you can make a FaceBook channel for attracting potential customers.

When to post

You have to keep this rule in mind: “the more post you share, the more followers and likes you will get.” While this rule is true, it does not mean that you are sharing posts 24 /7.

Based on our experience in managing FaceBook for businesses, accounts that post at least once a day receive more likes and followers than those that post less. The goal of publishing interactive Facebook posts is trying to engage our followers, either through a like, comment, or by sharing our publication.

The key is to know when your audience is connected, and we can find out this by measuring the performance of the shared publications at different times of the day.

What to post

Many companies or businesses make the mistake of always publishing the same thing, such as publications showing their products or services and in all asking their followers to buy the product or hire the service.

Publishing your company’s products and services and telling the community of followers to buy or hire is not bad. What is wrong is to do it all the time, and the consequence of this is that people end up getting tired and stop following your account.

What images or videos to share

This is another very important point to keep in mind. Pay attention to how you or your acquaintances interact with this social network. When a user opens the app, they immediately start scrolling down to navigate through their feed, rapidly moving from publication to publication. If you can’t capture the attention at that moment with your image or video, surely what you have shared will go unnoticed by most of the followers.

The challenge is to visually capture the attention of your followers. Create and share attention-grabbing images that your users can’t miss. You can combine text and images, be it photos or drawings, or an image with just text, or just an attractive photo or video.


Storytelling is one of the most important parts of marketing. Accompanying an image or video telling a story will guarantee you reach the depths of your target audience. When a narrator tells a story, that story begins to “create” itself in the mind of the listener. This makes that story catch the receiver and that he is waiting to know how the story continues.

It has been proven that, if a customer is comparing two identical products, but from different companies, storytelling will greatly help in the purchase decision.


Every time you share a post on FaceBook, you can geolocate it. This means that you can share your location or that of your company or business. This is important to keep in mind as users can also search by location.

An example of this may be the need of a person looking for a specific product or service near their location, or they simply want to know what is shared in their neighborhood or city.

Take advantage of trends and “challenges of the day”

Being attentive to updates and trends is another important point to take into account to increase the reach of your publications. A trend in social networks is generated with a current topic or with a challenge that has gone viral.

Keep an eye out for current trends and the big picture on FaceBook. If you notice that people are talking about a particular topic or using a specific format, then you should participate. Make something out of the topic that is fun, engaging, and relates to your business or company.