Two woman standing across a counter from one another

Entrepreneurship has always been a driving force in societal transformation. And I believe it will be the driving force in the shift towards a better way of doing business. 

As entrepreneurs, we are the primary “shareholder” and although we expect to make money from our business, most of us understand that our business is an extension of our values. Therefore we prioritize serving customers, taking care of our employees and making a positive impact in our community, IN ORDER TO make money.

Two woman standing across a counter from one another

Today, these core entrepreneurial values are now being defined as a form of “conscious business.” Although most of us didn’t start a business to “be a conscious entrepreneur” we did start the business to have the freedom to do work that we love and that is aligned with our values. Many of us also started our companies to make the world better, while making money. 

I am frequently asked if growing a conscious business is different from growing a traditional business, and the answer is always – “Yes, very much.”

And that is why I partnered with several other investors to launch ShiftCo – a community dedicated to elevating business and shifting humanity. 

Shift/Co will launch 2/20/2020 in Dallas, New York City, and Los Angeles, followed by Miami, Austin, Denver, Buffalo, Santa Fe, Tampa, London and Melbourne, Australia throughout all of next year.

Growing a conscious company requires 3 things:

  1. Purposeful businesses evolve as much as they grow. There are three stages to evolve a start-up to $1M in annual revenue, and a total of six stages to go from a start-up to over $10M in annual revenue. After 10 years of testing, we are working with the Shift/Co team to leverage our Conscious Business Growth Platform™ to give entrepreneurs a roadmap for each stage of their business evolution. 
  2. Traditional marketing strategies are incongruent with conscious entrepreneurship. Potential customers who are aligned with your business purpose are rarely attracted by the old ways of discounting, advertising and other traditional lead generation methods. Most importantly, what works for one conscious entrepreneur, doesn’t necessarily work for another. Over the last decade, we’ve tested and developed an Authentic DemandGeneration™ methodology to teach entrepreneurs how to authentically grow purposeful businesses based on who they are, from their unique passion and purpose. We, along with dozens of other expert teachers, will be licensing this content to Shift/Co to help conscious entrepreneurs get to the next level. 
  3. Conscious entrepreneurs transform from the inside out as they grow their business. Ironically, the business evolves, as you evolve. You can’t “fake it until you make it.”  A truly purposeful business will take you on a personal transformation journey. You will not only face your fears but also find out who you really are, at your core.  It’s a journey to who YOU are becoming, more so than the growth of the business.

My grandfather, who was my first entrepreneurial mentor, taught me an invaluable lesson about entrepreneurship, which shaped my values, he said, “Profit is the tip your customers give you when you serve them well.”

Reach out to us if you want to:

  • Become a Master Teacher and license your content on the Shift/Co platform
  • Mentor conscious entrepreneurs around the world
  • Become a certified Shift/Co coach, and coach conscious entrepreneurs using the Conscious Business GrowthPlatform™  

Here’s a link to our special announcement. 

Let’s elevate business and shift humanity.