Jessica Thiefels

If you love a good personal development podcast, be sure to tune into Mindset Reset Radio. On her podcast, she covers a wide range of topics like creativity, the connection between mindset and marketing, along with adaptability and diversity. She also speaks about practical and usable tips, and says she’s focused on helping millennials not only find their focus but showing them how to act with intention.

Intentional Action is the Key to Get Moving

Intention is a great word. In fact, it’s one word you’ll hear over and over with Jessica, because that’s what she says it takes to get moving. With a solid plan and goal, you’ll finally learn how to take that first step forward. It’s stagnancy that’s the biggest stumbling block so many of us face.

Jessica points out that taking action comes down to personal accountability. Let’s face it, nobody is going to do it for you. You need to show up authentically and do the work.

I also found her Instagram to be full of energy and inspiration. One of the things I thought was most helpful was how vulnerable she is. This helps other business owners understand that it’s natural to go through a range of struggles and successes. With her openness, it helps other entrepreneurs relate. Seeing other business owners speaking of their challenges really helps me understand where I can adapt and learn in my own business. For example, she speaks about the need to learn trust and understanding reliance. She’s a go-getter and has mastered the art of doing it all.

Jessica Thiefels

In fact, there’s more. Not only is she a published author, her first book is titled, 10 Questions That Answer Life’s Questions, but if you’re a business looking for organic content marketing services, she can help you out too. Her marketing agency works with mid-level B2B organizations to support organic content marketing efforts, including content strategy, social media coaching, and SEO consulting. I told you she does it all.

Are there Common Threads?

Now, if I could bottle up half of that energy, I just might find a way to take my business to the next level. That’s part of the enjoyment of reading about and studying entrepreneurs. Everybody is so unique in how they do things, but you start to see common threads like the ability to take action, keep a fresh perspective, work hard, and in Jessica’s words grow with intention.

If you’d like to learn more about Jessica Thiefels, her website is at I really like how she offers multiple ways to consume her content, such as a podcast, marketing services, and other information. She even has a membership where you can learn more about Marketing from the Gut. It’s a mindset and instagram coaching membership program.