This piece, Legacy, comes from my book, THE ONE LIFE WE’RE GIVEN (page 13). It’s a story about my family and how my grandfather would always tell my Grandma Minnie that they’d find a way to share during the depression, no matter what. We are facing our own new challenges and creating legacies of our own now. Their story brings comfort to me today.

Break whatever you have in half. It will be enough to share.

I’d also like to include some Seeds to Water that accompany Legacy in The One Life We’re Given, to consider.

• In your journal, describe at least one story or saying that comes from your birth family or your chosen family that has shaped your sense of effort and grace. It might be a positive or negative example. How have these lessons helped you to stay alive and give?
• In conversation with a friend or loved one, share this story or saying and discuss its meaning. In the days to come, share this story or saying with a third person and ask them for a story or saying that has shaped who they are.

Many blessings!