Hello and welcome to the weekly edition of Growing in Place as we continue to shelter in place and ease our ways back into the world. Today I’m sharing from my new book, The Book of Soul: 52 Paths to Living What Matters. The topic is about being a spiritual warrior, something we are called to do as we make our way through this time.

When we speak of being a spiritual warrior, a concept referred to in many traditions, we’re describing a journey of transformation that is steadfast in its adherence to both love and truth in the face of the constant storms that life on Earth generates. The word “war” itself traces back to the Indo-European root wers, which means “to confuse, mix up.” War and the inevitable conflict it produces—both within us and between us—stem from a state of confusion. Thus, a spiritual warrior is one devoted to the clearing of confusion, both inwardly and out in the world. The word “veteran” refers to anyone having long experience or practice. It traces back to the Indo-European root wet, which means “to inspire or spiritually engage.” These origins point to the relational call to carry our beasts of burden while staying engaged in an atmosphere of Spirit, until we clear all confusion and establish enduring roots. This is our true inheritance. This is the work of a spiritual warrior, a veteran of life, not just individually but in community. This work is indispensable and elusive, ours alone to do and impossible to do alone. Few things are more worthwhile to pursue than to discover our true inheritance, and the ways we share our burdens and clear our confusion.

I also would like to invite you to my a 3-session online webinar, The One Life We’re Given: Saying Yes to Life, as a way for us to deepen and strengthen our roots as we endure this storm. The sessions will be offered through Zoom: June, 8,15, 22, 2020, 1-2:30PM ET.

My hope is that through this time together you will deepen your conversation with life. That through your own path of obstacle and surprise, you will be opened to your gifts and become somewhat freed of all you carry. The gift and practice of being human centers on the effort to restore what matters when in trouble, so we can make good use of our heart. No one quite knows how to do this, but learn it we must. Our path to love and truth depend on this journey.”

Info and registration details are at live.marknepo.com