Hello!  In today’s video, “Staying Close to What Is Sacred,” I share the story of Buddha and the Raft. I explore its meaning in my book “Seven Thousand Ways to Listen.”

I also want to thank all the people who are helping to keep our society going like the mail people, the store clerks, the drivers and delivery people, and those who are on the front lines at our hospitals, clinics and medical offices. They may great sacrifices for us and I am deeply grateful for their showing up to help us all.

Growing in Place

As most of the United States and much of world is sheltering in place, I am not on the road traveling, which is what I typically do throughout the year. So for now, I’ve created a new series, Growing in Place, where I’ll be offering some videos of poems and reflections as my wife, Susan, and our beloved Zuzu, stay close to home. I’ll be back on the road when it’s safe for us to gather again. Until then, I hope you’ll enjoy the poems and our sharings. Be safe. Stay well! Many blessings, Mark