In an age of InstagramSnapchat and smartphone selfie-snapping, it would appear as if photo booths would have no real significance any longer. Yet the sheer demand for a photo booth rental companies on the web has been growing tremendously, usurping that of wedding DJ. In fact, it is statistically true that more people are eager to have one in their event compared to those looking to hire a wedding DJ.

All over the planet, the photo booth resurgence has been real. It doesn’t matter whether it is the advanced version of the traditional four-walled booths where one would pose for a photo only to come for a picture a few minutes later. Or, a more simplified booth with a beautiful backdrop and colorful props for the customers to adorn.

The amount of growth in the events industry, most notably the evolution of photo booths has been fantastic. Forget about the old-fashioned, hurriedly-erected booths, the current crop exudes a flare of elegance, both in the equipment employed and the props therein. They have also thrived amid the convenience of taking a quick Selfie, thanks to the millennial generation’s dalliance with the social media and the need for killer snaps.

Photo Booth in Melbourne

In Melbourne, the beautiful coastal capital of Victoria State in Australia, pretty much like in any other Aussie city, this practice is alive. Visit any wedding, engagement, Bar Mitzvah or any corporate event, and you’ll quickly spot hundreds of rental options from companies. In fact, it is almost like a taboo to attend a high-profile event and fail to take a few selfie shots, filter, fade and tilt-shift them for free and post them online.

But, why aren’t photo booths dead yet?

Anyone with a smartphone, iPad or a tablet device can snap a shot and upload it to the internet without necessarily having to hire a professional photographer. But photo booths Melbourne are still a huge favorite because they are fun to use and offer far much more than what a mere Selfie has.

Ideally, it is hard to create a photo booth experience, whether it’s a mirror booth, GIF booth, retro booth, modern or even an enclosed one. Also, the need for everything to look awesome themed to the occasion, or on-point at a wedding or in a corporate event gives these facilities a new meaning.

For the younger generation in Australia’s southeastern state, Photo Booth Hire Melbourne has that exciting aura that appeals to their age. Adults, on the other hand, don’t shy away from taking a top-quality photo from the booth as they value capturing the memory and get the picture processed quickly. The core service businesses like Photo Booth, The Removalist, Electricians, etc. are bound to stay in Australia for a long time and flourish.

More importantly, photo booths are cheaper to rent than doing the photography work on your own. You can’t recreate that authentic, in-the-moment feel alone and it is only a Pro who can do that.