It’s so easy to get lost in technology instead of magic of the present moment. Then this happens; you know the feeling. That sensation of no feeling—the well of your emotions gone dry.

You know you are supposed to care, but the continuous barrage of insanity coming out of the belly of the media beast has you numb, dumb-founded, perplexed: “Really?!!! You people are nuts!”

I tell myself I’m just tired. This, too, shall pass. I tell myself to go for a walk in nature to restore my mojo, but it’s cold outside and I’ve got work to do. You know how it goes.

I try to give myself a pep talk, reminding myself I’m more than my body—but then I click on one more random link—from the Firefox start page no less. I must be desperate.

I want something. Anything. A ridiculous scoff-worthy headline to fuel my apathy—stop! Bad choice. How about an inspirational quote, or a cute baby animal video that will lift me out of my self-created malaise?

(Yes, I’ve no one to blame but myself for my current state of mind.)

Oh, thank you, Pascal!

Pascal Campion
Waiting for him to come home. © Pascal Campion

His name is Pascal Campion. No, not the cat. French-American, he is a prolific artist, illustrator, animator, and more—and my new friend. (I’ve not told him yet.)

Pascal’s client list is impressive—little names like Dreamworks Animation, Disney, PBS, Paramount. He may not be a household name yet, but Pascal may just America’s next Norman Rockwell.

Inspired by his wife and children, his daily ritual is to draw a new image first thing in the morning from his home studio in the San Francisco Bay Area. Envious already, right? He can draw. He lives in Frisco.

But, my new friend Pascal’s images are special. Centered around family and daily life, his art reminds us it’s right where you are that make every day special. It’s you—but not just you.

His images remind you to stop what you’re doing and take notice right. Give yourself a chance to feel the magic vibrating in the air all around you. Do you know what that magic is? It’s you, and life, in a dance—even in moments of stillness.

Feel it all viscerally within your bones.

I am in awe. I don’t know if I’m in awe of Pascal’s meaningful art (yes, I am) or that in two seconds he made me feel connected again. And I feel—grateful. Yes, I feel grateful to be alive!

This is the power of art. Art acts like the corpus callosum connecting the two hemispheres of the brain reconciling your physical world with the metaphysical, or your analytical self with your emotional self.

An extension of Creation, art evokes a sense of wonder; a reminder to your brain to connect with your heart. This is your brilliant moment here now. And oh, the joy.

Here—I’ll let you enjoy my new friend, Pascal Campion . . .

Pascal Campion
Keeping one another dry. © Pascal Campion
Pascal Campion
The end of a long day. © Pascal Campion
Pascal Campion
Goofing around. © Pascal Campion
Pascal Campion
Spontaneous affection because you are great. © Pascal Campion
Pascal Campion
Waking up next to her. © Pascal Campion
Pascal Campion
Summer night in the city. © Pascal Campion
Pascal Campion
Thank you for being you all these years. © Pascal Campion

Yes, I know happiness is an inside job. But, maybe I just gave myself something to smile about.

Please enjoy Pascal’s website:

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