Some people just seem to have it all, nothing seems to get them down, they’re just ‘jammy’. There are others who always seem down on their luck, down-trodden and upset with the way of the world. Which side of the spectrum do you land?

Our mindset has a huge impact on the way we interact with the world and therefore on the results and experiences we have day to day. The way we think affects the way we feel and therefore how we choose to respond to the world around us.

The great news is that we aren’t stuck with our mindset. We can all continually work on developing our mindset so that it not only makes us feel great but it also influences the life we create for ourselves. 

So how do you move from a stuck mindset to a growth mindset? Here are five things people with growth mindsets practice:

Facing obstacles: You see struggles and obstacles as opportunities to learn rather than hardships you have to endure. You welcome new opportunities, even if you’re not quite sure how you’ll do it (or if you’ll even succeed). 

To get used to this mindset, practice saying ‘yes’ to new experiences and figure out how to do it afterwards. Start to feel comfortable with that uncomfortable feeling that can sometimes come with the unknown.

Feedback & Criticism: You care less about pleasing others and instead set up measurable and realistic goals that allow you to monitor your own success so you learn to rely on your own praise and encouragement. Learn to trust your internal dial to monitor whether you’ve done a good job, made enough effort or pushed yourself.

However, you also know who to seek feedback and support from. It’s good to ask for help and get constructive feedback occasionally, but make sure it’s from someone you trust, admire and of course has your best interests in mind. 

Competition: Rather than feeling jealous of others’ successes, you see it as a chance to learn from them and model their behaviour. It can help you identify where you want to be in life and in your business and the gap you have to fill in order to get there. 

A bit of friendly competition can be healthy but make sure you don’t get lost researching your peers while forgetting your own strengths and unique selling points. Instead, limit yourself to a maximum of a handful of role models, identify what you like about them and ask yourself what can you learn while adding a personal touch.

Making mistakes: You’re not afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes are just another way you’ve learnt not to do something and within that, lies a lesson to be learnt and opportunity to develop as a person. 

If you’re never making mistakes it may mean you’re not pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and into your stretch zone which is where you give yourself the chance to develop your skills and knowledge.

When you next make a mistake or something doesn’t go according to plan, say to yourself ‘there is no failure only feedback’. The more you repeat this the more your mind will automatically start looking for the lessons it can take away from these situations. 

Live with purpose: You regularly remind yourself and work towards a future aim or goal. This helps streamline your day to day effort, keeps you focused and your motivation levels high.

Whether you’re starting a business, tackling a daily task or lacking in motivation, remind yourself of the purpose… what makes it important?

If you regularly remind yourself of the purpose of a task or your lifelong dream, you’ll become more confident in saying ‘no’ to things that pull you away from your priorities in life and find it easier to stay focused.