“Right away, I was truly blessed to discover my true divine calling in life.”

All it takes is one opportunity, one moment, one nick in time for a person to connect with their innermost passions and be certain of their true purpose here on earth. For many people, it could take years and decades of living to carve out this delicately special path. However, for elite celebrity bodyguard and iconic anti-bullying activist, Adriano “Bubba” Almony, his epiphany came at the age of 17 while working security at a concert in Maryland.

Almost a decade down the line and with countless celebrities indebted to his protection (the likes of Demarjay Smith, Vinny Guadagnino, and Corey Woods), several awards won, dozens of charities proud to have his support, and an upcoming launch of his photo to the moon, the 26-year-old has already lived a stellar life and built an even more remarkable and inspiring career. You’d have to really drive a force of change to be nominated for the Humanitarian of the Year Honoree Award by LV magazine, and Bubba wasn’t just qualified – he won the 2020 award.

Early Life and starting dreams

Lovingly nicknamed “Bubba” by his mother, a moniker that stuck throughout his childhood in his birthplace of Hanover, Pennsylvania, the young Almony had got his first gig to work security at the Dew Tour concert in Ocean City after his family moved to Maryland. He’d connected so deeply with this position that he knew, there and then, that his calling in life was to protect others. He didn’t have a hero complex but a genuine urge to keep others safe because he could.  

He said, “Right away, I was truly blessed to discover my true divine calling in life.”

Almony was 19 when he landed his first real bodyguard gig working for Vinny Gudaganinio from “Jersey Shore”. From then onward, he spent all his time working security all over his town to build a solid resumé. He’d been a martial arts enthusiast for as long as he could remember with several medals in sparring, weaponry, and forms to his name. This career path was his dream and it was most suited to his earliest grooming in life.

The most pivotal point in Almony’s career was the day he met music producer, SwiftOnDemand, who offered him a great opportunity to work as head of security for Swift’s music studio, a spot that was never in lack of high-profile celebrities. From then on, Almony went on to build a massive network of high-profile clientele and spurred himself onto greater ventures.

“I continued to make it a strong point to advance in my training, to grow my relationships and to network,” he said. “I have now gone on to provide security services to some of the most successful people in the world and most prestigious high-end events. I have had the extreme honor to bodyguard for numerous billionaires, world leaders, A-list celebrities, top attorneys, public figures, Super Bowl 54, 9/11 Memorial Commemoration Ceremony in NYC, NYFW, music tours, and many more amazing prestigious honors.”

Rated five stars by everyone who has ever worked with him, Almony has spent the past decade expanding his bodyguard service to include nearly every aspect of the field, remarkably the provision of a national armored luxury vehicle service.

A true humanitarian at heart

When he’s not out keeping some of the most outstanding personalities in the world safe from the worst kinds of danger, Almony is busy with his extensive humanitarian work and philanthropic affiliations.  Giving back to the global society at large is like a thirst he cannot quench, judging from his relentless efforts in feeding thousands of people in India and providing essential medical services in these COVID-scarred times. 

Two of his softest spots hold anti-bullying organizations and pediatric cancer funds very dear. While relentlessly donating to St Jude’s Children’s hospital, he divides his time between youth empowerment activities and countless fund-raising events aimed at supporting kids and teens who need medical help and coming-of-age support. 

Almony is a proud ambassador for Bodyguard Against Bullying, an anti-bullying and personal safety organization founded by another elite bodyguard, Mason Haynes. Shortly after he joined the organization, he was appointed the US Chairman and Director of Operations on the merit of an unmatched display of passion.

I took up the cause to stand against bullying because it’s the right thing to do,” he said about his exceptional interest in anti-bullying causes. “Most importantly in life, over any successes or accolades, it’s about inspiring, motivating and helping others to the best of your abilities! Yes, my podcast, Bubba’s Bodyguard Podcast, plays a role in my anti-bullying mission. It gives me a global platform with listeners in many countries around the world and for every guest I bring on, I ask them to use their influence and voice to speak out on bullying and offer inspirational words of encouragement.”

In conjunction with the Blatantly Honest Foundation, Almony is about to switch his dreams up a notch in 2021 when his photo would be launched into the moon. This is part of an initiative to encourage people going through hard times that if they decide to make a difference for themselves, they can rise above all the negativity and hatred, going as far as the moon, where they become unreachable.

A kind-hearted man of powerful Christian faith, Almony has this piece of advice for the more childish generation: “My encouragement to the youth and anyone in the world is that if you have a strong work ethic, believe in yourself, make smart investments in your future, great character and most importantly a strong resilient faith, anything is possible!”