samsonite carry on bag

A Date Pushes me to Check Out Samsonite Carry on Bags

So I had already proposed to my bae and she had cried as she said a sentimental ‘yes’ to my ‘will you marry me’ question. She is a woman that I loved, cherished and treasured with my all. And so when she said that she would accept to marry me, I was ecstatic. I felt as though I was on top of the moon. A friend had advised that the best place for the engagement party would be at Enashipai Hotel in Naivasha on Valentine’s Day. But we had a problem; packing luggage for the two day treat.

I hate moving. Because moving involves packing and carrying luggage from one place to the other. So if I can avoid moving, I always do it. You see I have not invested so much on my luggage bags. In fact the only luggage bag that I have is an old suitcase that my father bought for me while I was still in campus. And so it is old-fashioned, dilapidated and dirty. There is no way we were going to carry our luggage in such a bag. My girl would take me to be cheap and lacking class. And who wants to come across as cheap? Nobody.

Then I heard about these awesome Samsonite carry-on luggage bags that are being sold online here They are durable, classy and big enough to accommodate as much luggage as you might be having. And when I bought one, I was exhilarated by the awesome features of the bag. So, what would you be looking for when getting a luggage Samsonite carry-on bag?


The most ideal size for a Samsonite carry-on luggage bag is 22”. When it is more than this, most airlines might not accept it saying that it is oversized and not within their size limits. At the same time, you do not want some bag which is less than the 22” dimension since it would mean that you can only carry less luggage and this is not something that you want.


Four wheels is the new attraction in town. When you buy a carry on with only 2 wheels, you will find that you get very tired pulling it to the airport. With four wheels though, the weight is evenly distributed among the four wheels. You can also opt to either push it or pull it.

Long handles

Carry-on bags have two handles; one at the top for pulling or pushing the bag and another on the side for lifting the bag up when hoisting it from the luggage carousel or onto the car. The handles need to be sturdy as well as flexible so that you can pull the bag at a comfortable arm’s length.

Smart bags

Today there are smart bags that have charging ports for your phone or tablet within the luggage shell case.