Employee Team

How does a business grow? Do they grow just by ideas and strategies? No, right the substantial aspect of any business that helps in growing is “Team”. Having a proper team indeed will help your business grow. Making a new member here, or adding a new member or changing the positions. It’s very important to find the right match for the right position. Develop a hiring process that will be effective and legally acknowledged. An HR team is solely responsible for all the hiring process, but what if you’re starting from the start and you don’t know anything about Hiring and what all are the necessities and hurdles that follow in that process. How things will be taken into account without a good HR team?

Hiring the right people definitely will leave an impact on whether your business will look in near future.  You’re the one who started the business but have you thought how long only one person can sustain the whole business and at some point, you will be needing new employees for longer sustainability of the business. Here, we are sparing no efforts to prepare a comprehensive guide on how to hire employees from recruiting to interviewing and onboarding.

There are so many companies where employees have taken more than one job to do because of the less availability of financial resources. This overworking and overextension of the workload can lead to low productivity as an individual and for the company too. 9 steps that you should follow before hiring employees.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hiring for the first time or for the last, there are some of the steps that will help you in the process.

  1. Do Your Market Research

Before even, seeing the vacancies you should do the market research beforehand.  Research who all are hiring, what is the economic stability in the market and see all the other job postings in the market. By doing so, you will have a glimpse of what the market is looking for. A salary perspective too. How much the market is offering and how much you will be offering. Once you have gathered all the information, you can definitely tailor other things according to the company standards.

  1. Evaluation process

You should know what all are the positions that are vacant, this will help in finding any data redundancy and inconsistently of all the positions in the company. You have to fulfil all your needs according to the positions vacant that you need to be fulfilled. You want someone who will fulfil the needs of the company, not just one desk.

  1. Recruiting Strategy

When it’s come to recruiting you can either approach the firm that is solely denominated to recruitment. There are different ways of recruiting people, the right people. You can ask other employees in their network about the right people for the work. The hiring process is indeed a difficult process and a long one but this will help you in finding the right candidate for the sustainability of the long run of the business. Hiring managers should keep in mind that they need to find the potential candidates for the position required to fulfil the needs. For example, if the interviewer interviews 10 candidates and you don’t find any of them capable enough. Then you shouldn’t be dependent and should look more.

  1. Job Description

Before advertising the job, you should know what you and your companies want. Talk to the colleague too, about the preferences and the qualities you’re looking for in the candidate. Don’t hide things from the existing employees.  The hiring process will include what tasks will be there in order to assess the candidate. This will help out in building a good job description of the job. Your description of the job will help you in finding the right candidate.

  1. Job posting

After writing a proper job description, it’s time for uploading and posting the job description on various job platforms where you could find the potential candidates. Everyone should advertise the job description so that it can reach the targeted audience and the right candidate could see that. Job posting to the relevant job platforms is equally important as making a good job description.

  1. Interviewing as many candidates you can

Interviewing someone is a long yet interesting part of the hiring process. It includes a lot of adventure indeed. From knowing nothing about the candidates to knowing everything. Before interviewing the candidates, give them enough time to prepare themselves and then ask them for their availability. This will help you in knowing the person in a better way. They can be a good fit for the company if you will give ample time to prepare. It doesn’t matter if the interview is in real or virtual, the only key facet of selecting the best out of the pool is to give a chance to everybody.

  1. Follow up with candidates

Follow can be just a single text or email to all the interviewers, it shouldn’t just include the post-interview follow up but also pre-interview email. For example, asking them about the availability of the interview, all the necessary information provided of the interview. Therefore, post-interview follow up includes a proper job offer to the candidates who are selected, congratulations email or just a thank you text to all the candidates. If you’re planning an office move, you can check out Californiamoverusa.com

  1. Job offer

After the rigorous process of interviewing candidates, if you have found candidates that are best suited and are potential enough. Then don’t wait for too long. It’s always better to don’t delay all the necessary decisions in life. You should give an irresistible job offer to the candidates you found best. If you really think someone is best for the job, still try to negotiate with the salary and all the offers.

  1. Background check

You should see all the relevant information about the candidates from the past. A proper background check. You have to see that there should be no red flags about the candidate. And this will be your final step in the hiring process.