Ultimately, you are in love with your daily communicator, and constantly searching for ways to protect it from all kinds of damage. These damages include screen cracks, bends, scratches and minor nicks etc. In this article we will be discussing about how to protect your iPhone screen, whether tempered glass screen protectors are worth the extra cash.

So, for those who may not be familiar tempered screen glass protectors are just what they sound like. Instead of flimsy plastic material, these are made of the thin layer of tempered or reinforced safety glass that’s designed to shatter without dis-integrating or creating sharp edges. This is similar to what you’d find on most smartphones out there. This article is made possible only with the help of Smartphone Repair in Galway.

They are crystal clear for maximum visibility and flexible in order to be durable and give under pressure…. Ultimately saving your screen underneath.

Steps for Installing Screen Protectors

The steps for installing tempered glass screen protectors are the same as for regular ones.  

Simply clean your iPhone screen of any dirt or substance with lint free soft cotton cloth, these should be inside the packaging of your screen protector. You should find two cloths inside your packet marked 1.wet and 2.dry. Firstly, take the wet cloth and thoroughly clean the screen with the wet cloth. The purpose or this wipe is to free your smartphone LCD panel from dirt and debris accumulated over time. When you are satisfied that your screen is clean, use the second dry cloth to completely dry the screen. When your smartphone is perfectly clean then it’s time ready to go.

Now you need to line up the screen protector as closely as possible. Because the glass screen protector is stiff, I think they’re a lot easier to put on the old plastic ones that were thin like papers and kind of hard to control.

After line up step is complete, just pressing it down into place and working out all the little air bubbles. Luckily for me, there was no bubble residue only because the screen was totally dust and debris free.

Benefits of Having Screen Protector on your Smartphone

It adds up an extra security layer on the screen protecting it from key scratches in your pocket or bag. It with withstand pressure on it and minor direct shocks to the front of smartphone.

In some cases, you dropped your phone on concrete surface with having screen protector on, it will withhold the shock and protect your LCD glass from scratch. 

Down side of Screen Protector

One of the most visible down side of the glass screen protector, that most people feels is its thickness. You will notice having one on when you look or feel the edges of your phone.

It adds up an extra gram of weight with your iPhone making it little heavier, but protection is a lot more important than damages.

I’m hopeful that you got enough information regarding the importance of tempered glass screen protectors. Well, if you’re out of luck and you broke your iPhone screen, then don’t get panic. Just send to our iPhone Repair in Tuam, our highly qualified technical staff are always available for your help.