If you’re on your journey of getting to know the spiritual awakening process, here’s the most important category that you should know as a beginner.  At heartfelt awakening, we provide you the easy hacks to accelerate your personal and spiritual growth. This article is not an exception, it pertains to the details of one of the most important categories of this awakening process of your spirit and that is staying centered and grounded. 

Our team posted a poll to draw in people’s responses on their individual experiences during the phase of this spiritual awakening process. And We had over 300 responses in the first 18 hours this poll was posted. And the number is continuously increasing with each passing day. So, in this part I will be discussing staying centered and grounded- one of the most important phases of this beautiful journey. 

Spiritual Awakening Stages: What Does it Mean to Stay Grounded and Stay Centered? 

I get a lot of people that ask me “you know I hear a lot about this stay center and stay grounded but I don’t even know what that means.”

So, let’s take a look at what exactly is staying grounded and staying centered?

I want to say to my dear friends that it’s not something that you intellectually know. This is something that you experience. And this is the difference between getting on your spiritual awakening journey and understanding this movement of energy. And so when you’re staying centered and grounded you are like a fulcrum, you don’t move. But then there’s all of this movement going on, right? And whatever is happening, there could be chaos going on or whatever is going on, it’s allowed to happen without you saying “that’s good” “that’s bad” “I don’t like this” “I like that”. 

“Although there is not one thing that works for everybody. There’s no one-size-fits-all process of staying centered and grounded. And even I get thrown off centered sometimes. This is the beauty of life, right?”

So as you begin your spiritual awakening journey, you should be aware of when you’re not centered. But, how do you realize you’re not centered? Take a look at the following scenarios, 

  • Are you becoming angry or reactive to what you’re seeing in your external world? You’re not centered if you’re reacting to your world right? Or 
  • Are you having thoughts of criticism of how things should be and how you think things that are bad should be changed and keep the things that you think are good. 

As per the spiritual awakening definition, this way of looking at either one side or the other indicates that you’re not centered, you’re not grounded. Because when you’re centered and grounded both are allowed to play out. The good and the bad are allowed to play out without you grabbing on to one side or the other. 

Ways to Become Grounded and Centered in the Spiritual Awakening Process:

Take a look at the following ways how you’ll become more centered and grounded.

  1.  Allow yourself to take the steps forward in the journey 

Allow yourself to take the steps forward in the journey and not expect to know all the answers. So if you’re staying centered and grounded, you’re allowing things to happen. The mind is going to come in and want to know the how and want to know the why, wanna know why that happened to me 15 years ago, right? So the mind is gonna comment but you are not your mind. Right? And when you’re staying centered and grounded, you see the activity and the movement of the mind right? 

  1. Listen to everyone

Just listen to everyone. However only take the bits you feel is for you. So as you’re listening to somebody “oh I resonate with that. I’m gonna take that bit within me” and then you’re listening to somebody and it just doesn’t resonate with you right? 

it’s okay to leave that, you don’t need to take that within you. It’s okay to listen. It’s like you’re at a buffet and you take your plate, you take a little bit of this, you take a little bit of this. Do you tell all the other sides  thatI don’t like that it has to be completely removed from  the buffet or I don’t like it that it’s got to be removed?

You just simply pass it over and leave it for somebody else. Maybe somebody else likes lima beans. who knows!!!! but this is when you’re centered and grounded and none of those things has any effect on you.

  1. Learn to connect to source

So we’re going inside, making our ears big inside, getting quiet, getting still and listening for the answer. Because when we’re not centered and grounded, we’re looking outside of ourselves for the answer, we’re comparing ourselves to others for the answer. Right? 

But the answer isn’t out there. That way of doing things is really insanity because it’s doing the same thing over and over again. You are repeatedly looking outside and expecting different results connecting to yourself. So you got to go on inside and stay centered and grounded.

  1. It May Not Make Sense Sometimes

It’s going to hurt not make any sense sometimes but the other side is beautiful. So there’s a perception there that you’re still going through. It may take immense dedication and focus. But when you get through it, it’s freaking amazing. And you’ll look back and say “yeah I fell apart but I put myself back together differently” or you’ll look back and say “yeah I went to hell I went through hell and I came back Wonder Woman”

So this part is when you’re staying centered and grounded is so vital to know while you’re learning the spiritual awakening process. You may take time to find your grounding. 

On this note, I must say get barefoot and stand on the ground barefoot to ground yourself. That might work for you or might not work for you. So your job is to test different things and ask other people “what do you do to ground yourself?”

They might tell you something and you might go “what the heck that’s just weird whoo stuff!!!” other people might say “I do get my hands in the dirt and start gardening. Gardening is my therapy”. You might think “oh you know! I really resonate with that. I totally lose track of time too while gardening.”

That’s going to be your grounding. This is what you’re going to look forward to to ground and center yourself because the world is going to keep going. And we’re gonna want to grab on to all of the things but all of the things are coming and going. So don’t grab onto anything, rather just stay centered and grounded 

It’s a lot to take in from the journey of spiritual awakening process, both dark and light. So there’s both good and bad happening but when you’re centered and grounded you see both good and bad happening. Just remember creating space for nothing. This is the feeling of inner expansive openness that’s what people are talking about when we posted the poll. 

Connecting and grounding is like connecting to your eye of the hurricane, it’s connecting to the fulcrum to the scale, it’s connecting to the expansive nothingness. And when you connect to this all possibilities are here. Every possibility is possible here.

People say there’s no shortcut to true enlightenment. When somebody is telling you what to do and your brain getting it intellectually is really not enough. You must experience this. The process we talked about here on grounding and centering, you can’t learn this. It’s something you must experience. 
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