Challenges to solve and decisions to contemplate make up a large portion of our lives. Navigating to the “right” answer can leave us exhausted. When we listen to others in the decision-making process, asking leading questions can provide space for the other person to come to their own resolutions. We all know what is best for us as individuals; it is just a matter of listening to our internal compass.
Whether we are dealing with our teams, family members, or children, it is important to remember that while our opinions may provide some guidance, it is most helpful to allow others to think and find solutions on their own. Below are some examples of questions and prompts to help others find clarity in challenges:

  • What is going well for you right now in your situation?
  • Tell me about the decision or challenge you are facing.
  • What options do you see for forward positive resolution?
  • Which option feels the most balanced and would benefit you most?
  • How do you feel about making a decision?
  • When do you plan on deciding how to move forward?
  • How are you feeling overall?

Who can you provide support for in their decision-making process?