There is no other freedom like a Gypsy. With Gypsy movements, there is no other culture like it. The cultures embodyva sense of serenity and movement, like no other. Boundaries are void. In its holistic form, Gypsy movements and workings have a way of demonstrating the flexibility of time and spacing. Through their worlds, things are much more intricate and close, than we have ever come to imagine. Hear the bells. Ring the bells. These are the Gypsy bells.

When we reflect upon the term, “gypsy,” there are different images coming into mind. There are Gypsy violinists. Their music ?? brings a different energy to such a stringed instrument. Of course, there is also the Gypsy attire, and even their reputation for criminal behavior. Unfortunately, it’s the latter, which has received more attention. Even within those negative aspects, surrounding the term, “Gypsy,” there are still those beautiful aspects, in which they are known for. For now, let’s stick to that beautiful theme of freedom, and how it correlates to their culture.

When you are not bored, feel free to listen to the performances of Gypsy people on violins. Should your mind wander into another sound, then head over to the ringing of bells-Gypsy bells. ? In all honesty, this concept is rather new for the writer of this article. Nevertheless, an interest is piqued.

What makes the song so interesting (and intriguing) is how it alludes to a certain softness, regarding the Gypsy community; far removed from the “barbaric” and violent behavior, in which they have been labeled as. The softness of these bells is highlighted within the sensitivities of a guitar. Strings have such a way of adding to the tenderness of a particular piece. Their overall makeup reveals an underlying sentiment of mystery, as it relates to the passion of one’s surroundings.

The performance on her guitar has that power to give the listener an opportunity to feel the winds. They are those delicate whispers and vibrations, that only the bells can perform. That’s beautiful, isn’t? Who would have ever known that such a persona could come from this? Bells are blessings. Their instrumentation may be hard, but their timber softens the Spirit. Let’s hear the bells-the Gypsy bells ? and sing with them, into the air.

Brianna Lea Pruitt