What separates successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful ones? The answer might be lengthy, but one of the most critical factors in becoming a successful entrepreneur is developing habits that lead to excellence. Once you have the right habits in place, discipline becomes less necessary. You will simply find yourself doing the actions that lead you to success without even needing to think about it. 

Here are four habits of successful entrepreneurs that you can start developing today:

  1. Read every day.

Successful entrepreneurs make reading a priority in their busy schedules because they want to continue to grow and learn as much as is possible. You could read physical books, electronic books, or listen to audio books, but make sure that you’re always reading something that will inspire and push you to be better.

  1. Set goals.

Setting clear goals is necessary if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. How will you know if you’re on track if you aren’t aiming at a specific target? Set goals and commit them to paper. Once a goal is written down, you’re much more likely to remember it and eventually achieve it. Set goals on a regular basis (at least monthly) and track how you’re doing throughout the year. Don’t be afraid to dream big and write down some of your larger, scarier dreams too.

  1. Focus on tasks that give the best return.

As an entrepreneur, you could work around the clock and still have a lengthy to-do list. That’s why managing your time and energy well is an absolute must. Focus on tasks that give you the biggest return first. There are plenty of smaller, less important tasks that could be done, but those aren’t where you should be spending your time. Identify the top three tasks that you should focus on each day and make sure that those are done before you go to sleep. Don’t let the smaller tasks distract you.

  1. Always be networking.

You may have become an entrepreneur so that you could work for yourself, but that doesn’t mean you get to stop talking to people. Successful entrepreneurs recognize that their success is dependent on the strength of their networks. They build strong relationships with other entrepreneurs and leaders in business, as well as everyday people who could someday become their customers. Reputation is everything when you’re an entrepreneur, so make yourself approachable and try to add value to everyone you meet.

This article was originally published on andresmanuelolivaresmiranda.com