Martin Polanco

Our mental health is a vital aspect of our lives! It impacts the way we behave, feel and think in everyday life. Our mental health also affects our capacity to cope with tension, build relationships, overcome various challenges, and recover from different hardships and setbacks. Hence, each one of us must work towards balanced and stable mental health.

Insights by Martin Polanco

Many people think if a person doesn’t have any mental illness, that person is mentally healthy. Being emotionally or mentally healthy involves much more than not having anxiety, depression, or other psychological issues. Instead of the absence of any mental ailment, stable mental health is all about having a positive outlook that helps people think and live better.

Do you want to invest in proper and balanced mental health? If yes, then it is essential to add in some crucial habits in your life. Martin Polanco shares some of the necessary practices that you can adopt.

  1. Having a balance between work and rest

Our work occupies an important aspect of our lives. The work we do gives us our sense of identity that adds to our self-esteem. It also provides us with an earning that we need to lead a happy life and to cater to our various needs. Hence, it’s essential to take work seriously and devote time and energy to it. However, it’s not a good practice to get completely consumed by work. Being a workaholic will not benefit your mental and physical health. Hence, it’s essential to keep a time for work and set out time to rest. It helps your body and brain to relax and think productively.

  • Exercise gratitude and contentment

The way we feel about life impacts our mental health status! For instance, if you are always discontent and not happy, it might make you a negative person. Hence, it is essential to be content with all you have in life and be thankful for it. Here you need to practice gratitude and count your blessings. It helps you to stay positive and keep a happy mindset. When you practice contentment and gratitude, you can attain more in life, and that will make you happy and vibrant. It will result in excellent health as well.

  • Keep learning new skills and things

No man can know everything that life has to offer! There is always room for learning. If you want balanced mental health, it’s a good idea to keep learning about new subjects and skills. For instance, you might want to learn about gardening or how to practice deep breathing. You might even want to know about origami and read a new book. It will broaden your horizon and add to your intelligence as well. Learning new skills always makes you more receptive. It helps you to have an open mind about life as well.

The secret to a happy life is stable and balanced mental health. Hence, it’s a brilliant idea to use the guidelines mentioned above and add value to your mental health.