Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay 

The word life- hacking is seen everywhere we go. It’s on the pages of social media, it is seen on YouTube and in newsletters for our favorite sites.
With all of the so-called shortcuts, there has to be a way, a venue to bring more happiness into our lives, right?

Well, yes and no. Sometimes, we hit a place in our lives where we just feel stuck. The routine things that we do every day, become just that, routine. What are we bringing in, what are you putting out there to the world?

I am a protagonist. When I am producing, when I am sharing, championing a cause, I feel content, fulfilled. When I am in the zone, I am happy. There have been days when the words wouldn’t fit just quite right, when I become frustrated; when I feel that I have nothing of value to give, and then, then comes the breakthrough and words start flowing like a stream again.

The final straw for me was when I saw others announcing their new book or new project. I had always just dabbled, knowing that I wanted more, wanted to be more than just a byline. I wanted to participate. I didn’t realize that I was standing in my own way. I always self-doubted, self-sabotaged. I began to ask “What if” more and more. Yes, I was sitting on the fence way too long. I wasn’t happy with what was coming into my life, not realizing that I was responsible. I woke up one day and started to eliminate the drama. You know, the hangers-on (people that you have no idea why they are still hanging on). I dropped them from my life. I started networking with people who had the same interests goals and focus as I did. Next, I gathered my work into a tiny little pile and wrote that book that had been calling to me. I started putting more and more of myself out there. The once blogger me, became an author, writing for several platforms from poetry to fiction, to a “Dear Abby” sort. The more positivity I put out there, the more returned. I dedicated myself to not just talking, I put myself into action.

Here are my steps to clearing the path for more happiness.

Happiness Hack #1- Realize no one else can bring you happiness. It comes from fulfillment. The fulfillment that you make.

Happiness Hack #2- Drop the drama. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who are too busy to hear the noise out there. You’d be surprised how much better your feeds will be when supported, and not reading garbage, but rather hearing of positive experiences.

Tune in to being inspired.

Happiness Hack #3- Get active. Get off your laurels and you won’t have time to be depressed. There is something to be said for giving to others.

Happiness Hack #4- Create a gratefulness notebook. Every day, while I have my coffee, I write down three things that I am grateful for. Yes, it can be the steaming cup of liquid go in a mug or that avocado toast that came out just right this morning, or that dog or cat sitting by your feet.

Happiness Hack #5- Embrace joy. Give yourself permission to enjoy the simple things in life. Yes, take time to smell the roses, literally. Plant a garden, go for a walk, sing, dance, color with the kids, bake a homemade pizza or make your favorite cookies. This goes back to being active, but it is doing, for YOU. Enrich your life by saying yes. (and know when it’s perfectly fine to say no).

Happiness Hack #6- Speaking of learning to say no, set boundaries. Clearly define what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in your life. Walk away from the things that are not in alignment with who you are or want to be. No, it isn’t easy, but you’ll thank yourself later when what you feel is peace at the end of the day.

Happiness is obtainable, the long-lasting kind. But it is an action, not just a feeling. Pass it on.