I first heard about the Challenge from my aunt, who had lost 70 pounds and was raving about  how the app kept her disciplined. At the time, I was going through a pattern of waking up feeling depressed and drained of energy, and I just didn’t feel good. I started reading other people’s Challenge stories and they really inspired me. I thought, “I’ll give this a try.”

I instantly noticed that the Challenge gave me a new sense of motivation.

Before the Challenge, I wasn’t as determined as I should’ve been. I wasn’t keeping track of my life as I should have. I knew that my energy levels were low because of how I was eating, and my family would always ask me if I was OK. I felt fine, but my energy levels were just super low. 

The first step I took was drinking a glass of lemon water every day. 

I thought I wouldn’t like it, but it ended up helping me so much! After that first step, I just kept taking more and more tips from the app, and finally made the changes I’ve been wanting to make. I’ve been drinking more water, at least a half-gallon every day.

My morning routine was the next thing that changed.

Because I didn’t sleep so much in the past, I’d wake up around 30 minutes before my shift started, grab something super quick, or stop at McDonald’s, which definitely just was not a good start to my day. Now that I’m sleeping better and eating better, I’m able to wake up earlier. I set a time each night to go into bed, and it’s made a huge difference. Now in the morning, I have the energy to actually sit down, cook a nutritious meal, and enjoy it to kickstart my day.

I have so much more energy for my family and boyfriend.

I have two nephews and a new niece coming soon, so I want to be active for them and have the energy for them. I also have a boyfriend of three years, and he’s been the biggest support. Our work schedules are the complete opposite, so I have more energy to be able to stay up when he’s off and actually make that quality time that’s needed to benefit a relationship.

I’ve seen the biggest change in my personality. 

I’m a much happier person now. I’m more energetic and just more lively. I want to do things now instead of just sitting in my bed and doing nothing. I enjoy walking and hiking. I enjoy running outside with the kids. I have more energy at work. When I used to go into work feeling tired, I couldn’t wait to leave. Now that I have more energy and I’m nourishing my body, it’s a completely different day. It’s really helped me realize I can’t take anything for granted. Having an optimistic mindset is life-changing.

—Hailey Clements, Walmart Supercenter #2266; Strongsville, OH; $5K Winner

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