This Halloween will be vastly different than any other on record.  While the event has not yet been cancelled, it will take on a different, more distanced approach no doubt!  

So, how to best cope with the kiddies and potential parental angst at not being able to fully enjoy the trick or treating, candies, parties, dress up and more…?  Read on to discover two easy ideas that may be enough to placate the family and friend divide that will likely endure through this 2020 Halloween.  

1.  Have a Hallway Halloween!  This concept is similar to what many do at Easter, which is to have an Easter egg hunt, however in this case call it a Halloween HUNT (not Haunt…).

  • If you have those mini pumpkins or gourds available, do a quick carve out and hide a few (wrapped) candies in those throughout your hallway or rooms.  
  • Consider the decorations you have already indoor (or even some outdoor you could bring inside) and make a few festive areas that could also hide some candy and treats. 
  • Play some spooky music while they search for their stash of goodies.  
  • To lengthen the process and make it even more fun, be sure to create posters or signs in various rooms/areas of your home that would act as a ‘house’, where they could still go knock on the door or shout ‘Trick or Treat’, you would then give them their treats!  
  • OF course YOU will also dress up and get into the fun and creativity of the experience while also not having to freeze, or get wet, or wait around so long outside.  It’s really a win-win!  
  • Be sure to record video, snap photos, and make new (albeit different) memories this Hall-O-Ween Or Something In Between?! 

2.  Zoom Halloween ‘Parade’This one takes a bit of upfront planning on your part, and the part of the other families you want to do this with, however it’s sure to pay off.  

  • Set up a Zoom meeting (details here) in advance of the date you want to have your Zoom Halloween Parade.   Share the details with the families you want to get together with (virtually). 
  • Instruct everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) to dress up and be prepared for some frightening fun. 
  • Prepare a few Halloween themed appetizers you/your family can enjoy while you host your Zoom Halloween, and encourage others to do the same.  
  • Plan for an hour (max), as the kids will get restless.  
  • Instruct all the families to make a list that outlines the following (and decide if you want to ‘award’ winners, or just celebrate them):  Best Family in Costume, Scariest Costume, Most Adorable Costume, and any other you wish to add.  Create an order for who goes first, second, etc… 
  • Start your Zoom meeting and say a quick hello to all then start your ‘Parade’!  
  • As each person from each family shows off their costume, the others can use Zoom’s chat feature to comment or oooh and ahhhh over it.  The kids AND adults should ‘work it’ and have a lot of fun showing off their costumes.  
  • At the end, when everyone’s had their turn, everyone can vote and celebrate the winners with lots of clapping, high fives in the air etc… 

Enjoy this and have a wonderful Halloween Or Something in Between!? 

Carrie White of Hire and Fire your Kids


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