Halston on Netflix is done with empathy. Piercing through the creations, the haute couture, the jet set- without neglecting them, just getting it right and moving on-, reaching to the creator. No dramas, though. No trying to make “quality cinema” prétention, just great cinema. Excellent Ewan McGregor. And the whole cast, really. What touched me is that this mini-series that I gobbled in two evenings, made me think of my own values and how they have changed over time, especially in the past year or so.

Here is what I want to share:

  1. I have always been interested in the process. Behind the result, I want to know the “how-to”. Because this is the only thing that really IS useful to me. I do not want the candy to satisfy my craving. I want to know what it is that I really crave-and have it.
  2. Speaking of fashion, I want to know if you are making young children work for a cup of rice so that some influencer in an American provincial city can dress up like a trotteuse and try to sell me a t-shirt worth 40 cents for 150 dollars.
  3. Now that credit cards en masse become a thing of the past (thank you, Sophie Kinsella!) I want to know to whom I get to give my hard-earned dollar.
  4. One thing I appreciated about Halston is that we got to remember -at least, I got to remember- that creativity comes at a cost. Originality has a price tag. Creating your prototypes from scratch on silk comes with a label.
  5. Now that anyone can buy anything, I got reminded that everything can be bought, everything has a price and the higher the better.
  6. I was always interested in what is it that makes people tick. What makes their minds work. How do some people unleash their creativity? How others dispose of it to all the wrong places.
  7. Pour it out and be surrounded by people who appreciate, encourage, and support you, is priceless. Cherish it.

If you are interested in humans, had a seamstress mother, or have built yourself a name to think of, you’ll love it.