Diabetes mellitus or simply diabetes is a health disorder that affects the glucose levels in the blood. Namely, people suffering from diabetes are experiencing significantly increased blood sugar levels. The carbs we take are turned into glucose. After that, insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas, starts breaking down glucose. In this way, glucose can enter the cells easily and provide energy. A flawed metabolism appears when the pancreas doesn’t create an adequate amount of insulin or when the cells in the body are non-responsive or inert to insulin. As a result of that, the blood witnesses an accumulation of glucose which ultimately leads to the emergence of diabetes.

There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes which comes as a result of the improper production of insulin by the pancreas and types 2 diabetes which occurs due to cell insulin resistance.

In order to manage diabetes, it is crucial to understand the causes and symptoms of this disease. The most common causes of diabetes include obesity, genetic predispositions, lack of certain nutrients, high intake of carbs, physical inactivity, anxiety, and stress. The list of symptoms of diabetes is very long and definitely very unpleasant: irritability, frequent urination, increased appetite, fatigue, increased thirst, palpitation, blurred or bad vision, weight loss, long recovery time, constipation, itching in the genital area, urine discoloration and more.

How to handle diabetes in a natural way?

  • Use supplements

Following a healthy diet is always a smart idea, but it is almost impossible to take all the nutrients we need to fight and handle diabetes through food. This is where supplements come into play. Diabetes patients should take high-quality supplements designed for managing diabetes like CuraLin for example. A supplement like this can help people regulate diabetes symptoms and improve their health in general.

  • Be active

First and foremost, you must be prepared for exercise. It turns out that exercise can help a lot in blood sugar management. Exercising for about half an hour a day can prevent people from becoming obese or overweight because in this way they are burning calories and fat. But, this also allows them to improve the body’s ability to respond to insulin or to normalize sensitivity to this hormone. Finally, exercising can help you speed up metabolism, enhance blood circulation especially in legs and arms, cut cholesterol and lower the risk of strokes, ease high blood pressure and fight stress. Swimming, walking, jogging, cycling, and skiing are some examples of exercises that can help you handle and prevent diabetes.

  • Take care of your diet

Another way to handle diabetes in a natural way is to watch your diet. Diabetics are at higher risk of experiencing heart attacks. So, people dealing with diabetes must stay away or reduce the consumption of foods that are rich in saturated fat and cholesterol like dairy products and meat. Diabetes patients can benefit from food cooked and prepared in olive oil because this oil is loaded with mono unsaturated fat. Cereals, beans, peas and whole grain bread rich in fiber are highly recommended. A diet for diabetes patients must include fiber and nutrients that we can get from cabbage, cereal soups, tomatoes, cucumber, and bitter gourd.

  • Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic diet is a high-fat but low low-carb diet with substantial amount of benefit. More than 20 studies indicate that this diet helps in weight reduction. Researchers say ketogenic diets have the potential of having appreciable effects on Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, cancer, among other things. In short, Ketogenic diet otherwise referred to as Keto reduces blood sugar and insulin levels, this makes it good for combating diabeties.

Surviving on Keto helps in weight reduction. Here are some convincing Ketogenic diet reviews to keep you informed of its importance in combating diseases, in belly fat reduction, and its other undeniable benefits in our health.

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