How to Overcome Test Anxiety
Exam anxiety has happened to almost everyone, even after studying efficiently, once someone walks into the exam room, the mind goes blank. Students start to experience sweaty palms and a feeling in the stomach. These are some typical signs of exam anxiety. 

While it is reasonable to be nervous before an exam, students find exam anxiety very enervative. Racing thoughts, feelings of dread, inability to concentrate gets incorporated with physical symptoms such as fast heartbeat, headache or nausea. In this case, managing exam stress is a skill to master. 

Tips on coping with anxiety before and during exams
Often, causes of exam stress include a fear of failure, inadequate preparation time or bad experiences of examinations in the past. Examination anxiety has the power to derail months of hard work. Here are a few tips on how to deal with exam stress: 

Stay Prepared Before Exam
Stay prepared
While it may sound obvious, but the first and foremost exam preparation tip is to feel confident about the preparation as it will help to walk with confidence in the examination hall. It is not just the students who go through the stress, the parents also face exam stress. In case you need help to review tough questions, you can go through some online videos.

Think Positive
Focus on positive thoughts
At one point or the other, we all have experienced negative thoughts that we might not be able to clear the exam. However, with these negative thoughts, it becomes difficult to concentrate. Therefore it is crucial to calm down, focus on positive thoughts and practice deep breathing exercises to slow down the racing mind. The act of focusing on breathing will biometrically alter all those anxious feelings. 

Join a coaching institute
If you are wondering how to prepare for the exam? A coaching institute helps to ace with good grades not just for school exams but also provides an upper hand for competitive exams. These coaching classes serve as a key to stress-free exam preparation not only for students but also for the parents as well. The tutors at these coaching centres are experts in their fields and help boost students’ confidence. Students can get more benefits from the classes in terms of the study material, additional books that keep aspirants updated about all changes in the examination pattern. This allows students to keep exam anxiety at bay as it prepares them for active learning.