Hani Zeini

The worldwide spread of Covid-19 has introduced new challenges to the life of human beings. People are facing a lot of problems to stick to their regular schedules. With the advent of work from the home regime, people are stuck indoors. There is a restriction on their physical movement, which has detrimental effects on their overall wellbeing. In addition to this, their nutritious diet is also under threat. Since there is a disruption of ordinary life, people are more into stress snacking and developing unhealthy eating habits. It has negative implications on their physical and mental health.

According to Hani Zeini, studies reveal that the same takes place in the case of children. Even they are facing a lot of changes in their everyday life. Since they are trying to adapt to new habits, it is challenging to provide them with a nutritious diet.

Hani Zeini explains the importance of understanding the nutritional requirements of children during the pandemic.

As stated earlier, not just adults but small children also face difficulties keeping their minds and bodies together. Hence, it is imperative to take a proper view of the following points

Continue breastfeeding: doctor suggests that breastfeeding is mandatory for infants till six months. It is because it has all the nutritional elements which the child needs to protect themselves against illnesses. They do not require any supplementary food or liquid other than mother’s milk. According to Hani Zeini, after six months of breastfeeding, you may include other food items in their diet. However, what is imperative is the continuation of breastfeeding to improve their immunity for guarding them against the deadly pathogen.

Providing a variety of food items: along with regular meals, you must give some variety to the child. Children of all age groups require a balanced diet to take care of their growth and development. Ensure that they drink plenty of water or other liquid, like juice, milk, and other nutritious drinks. Hani Zeini states that it is essential to explain to children the importance of nutritional food items. Moreover, they must be provided with meals at regular intervals to take care of their physical wellbeing.

Provision for plenty of water and healthy snacks: to ensure that the children are active throughout the day, it is essential to provide them with healthy snacks between meals along with purified water. You may choose snacks like vegetables or fruits, easy to cut and digest. Moreover, there are other types of drinks and food items, which you may include in their diet. Keep in mind that they must abstain from food items, which are unhealthy. Also, a high amount of salt, sugar, chemicals, and fats are unsuitable for children.

Apart from this, avoiding manufactured baby foods and milk formulas is essential. New mothers get instructed to take care of their children under the recommendation of a nutritionist. They are the best individuals to provide you with reliable input on how to take care of the new-born even during the pandemic. You can consult a nutritionist online for a diet for your kids to increase immunity during the pandemic.