Everyone want to change their life. But most of the time we aren’t sure where to start the process of transformation.

The given five steps will definitely help anyone who is desperately trying to transform their life. 

1. Find the purpose of life

 Everyone has a purpose in their life. But most of them never try to dig deep into it. Everyone’s purpose will be unique. Some may want happiness, some may need peace or some want their life to be productive. Finding the purpose will definitely serve as a base to transform the life as desired. 

2. Embrace the negative emotions 

We all want to be happy always, be positive, and live with peace. If it happens vice versa , we all feel devastated and start to curse our own life. Negative emotions like stress, depression, anxiety, anger , sadness are all similar to the positive emotions. Embracing those emotions will definitely makes us feel more matured and helps us to get the true  inner peace. 

3. Figure out the areas of life

We all want to upgrade our life to a better one. But without knowing the areas of improvement, all the steps which we take , becomes meaningless.These are the basic areas of life which leads to transformation.

 1. Spiritually

2. Health

3. Relationship

4. Career

5. Finance

6. Fun recreation

 Not everyone’s areas of life will be the same. Some can also include education, passion , personal development as well . Figure out the areas to improve your life and that will be a  actual check point for the transformation. 

4. Work on the habits

Habits are the roots for transformation. Habits makes us to do simple tasks that gives us a lot of motivation. For example, If some may want to become healthy, writing down the habits related to it and taking small actions daily ,will boost them up and gives a satisfaction that they going towards the right track.

 5. Upgrade your passion

Passion brings peace to the heart. It also helps us to discover ourself more deeply and heals the bruised soul . Spend at least five minutes daily to upgrade your passion. Because,at the end of the day, what we do for our own happiness, matters a lot.   

Hope this article will help to begin a beautiful transformation!!