Jill Sylvester, LMHC

When was the last time you complimented someone? 

Acknowledging the good in someone else, highlighting positive attributes in another person, allows you to feel better. Compliment someone, even when you don’t feel like doing so. Find something good about someone else, like the way they fix things you can’t or the way they find humor in situations when you tend to be overly serious.

You might compliment the way your child focuses on his schoolwork, the way your husband or wife makes a bed, folds sheets or washes dishes, the way your friend sends you inspirational texts each week. 

Take the time to acknowledge others. This technique instantly elevates your mood and makes you feel good. 

Besides, how do you feel when someone compliments you?

Jill Sylvester is a licensed mental health counselor and author of the self-help book, “Trust Your Intuition: 100 Ways to Transform Anxiety and Depression for Stronger Mental Health.” Her work has been featured in Well+Good, Bustle, SheKnows, WorkingMother, Parenthood, TeenMentor, andOprahMag.com. To receive her free weekly blog containing tips to better your life, subscribe at www.jillsylvester.com.