If I told you that your happiness was in a gift box right there is front of you and all you had to do was open it, what would you do? Would you believe me or would you walk away never knowing?

You CAN have whatever you want but first you have to believe you are worthy of it. I know this may be a big pill to swallow. Often we think things like “I can’t do that.. I am not smart enough…Things like that happen to other people, not me… I am too old…blah..blah.” Trust me I know all about it. I am the worst at this.

I recently found myself doubting my ability to do a job I have done for years. I know it inside and out. But those little voices popped up stopping me from moving forward. Literally the only thing between me and my goal was ME. My mind tends to play crazy games that make me second guess myself.

It was time to get a little help. Sometimes it takes another person to point out the obvious. So, I decided to have a reading with an intuitive that I know. Hear me out because whether you believe in psychics, mediums or another realm is really irrelevant because the message is the same regardless.

The reading was pretty amazing. She tapped into guides that were so spot on it was scary. During the reading I asked about my situation and she basically told me to say”I am worthy. I am good enough.” Without saying much, she knew the issue was my confidence and ability to have faith in myself.

At one point, I was “yessing” her over and over and finally she said, “you are hearing me but you are not believing me.” And she was right. It took a bit more convincing but after a few more accurate revelations I started to believe…. in myself.

She told me that there was a present right there in front of me and all I needed to do was unwrap it. It was so comforting knowing that all would be fine once I started to believe that I am worthy of whatever I want. On one hand, I was pissed at myself at the realization that I was the problem but on the other, I was relieved. The Universe wasn’t conspiring against me, the planets weren’t misaligned. It was just little old me blocking my path.

If you ever become unsure about a next step or fearful to take a chance – just stop. Stop, look in the mirror and say, “I am worthy. Of course, I can do this.” I know you can. The Universe knows you can. You just have to know you can. And really what is the worst that can happen? You fail. But if you don’t try you will never know how successful you could have been.

“Instead of trying to make your life perfect, give yourself the freedom to make it an adventure, and go ever upward.” Drew Houston

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Originally published at www.happinessdepends.com