The world is different now. I started this year 2020, welcoming the new decade with a lot of enthusiasm and a list of goals I want to accomplish in this year. This year has been great for me overall, although there were some ups and downs that came the way. I practiced consciousness to be in the zone of positivity around, hence at times I cut the consumption of negative world news. This was my protection mechanism to keep me in positivity, safety and fear free environment. To illustrate it, I got to know about the pandemic situation by interaction with closed family member on select occasions while talking about this subject. I took up the role of that caterpillar in the cocoon who is happy in its house and unaware of the outside world. It was in May 2020, when I felt the heat wave of pandemic. I initially battled how it could impact me, but in that moment, I reached out for advice to my brother, who gave me a macro level picture of what the world is struggling with and that my minor struggles are immaterial in the global scenario and in fact quite minimal. I recalled the parable – This too shall pass; and continued my day and weeks and months with more resilience, smile, patience and courage. To put it simply, when my stress level was high, at that time, sometimes, it felt that the world is shattering but when I take a pause and soak in the nature, I feel calmness and happiness around.

 There are many happy memories that provides strength and serenity to me in the present times. I would like to share two of those memories here:

  1. It was the month of November, 2019 when I started going to school with my toddler. The school activities which comprised of circle time, nature time, creative art and craft and activities and interaction with amazing people- other children, parents and school staff always made me feel happy being surrounded by people. When I recall these days, I feel that how blessed I was in getting the opportunity to go to school with my daughter and experience for myself how to interact and stimulate learning for kids. This experience helped me bond with other mothers and kids in a way that even in this long lockdown, the virtual mommy led classes set up of the school like scenario continues now virtually on zoom once a week. 
  2. It was January 2020, when I started with an online mastermind course, I would have those classes daily at 5pm IST. These classes gave me an avenue to interact with like-minded and intellectually stimulated people from India and USA. This course was helpful to me in finding my true calling in life and aligning myself with my goals. It also gave me a set of wonderful friends whom I could trust and lean on in difficult times. During the tough pandemic times, I would take the opportunity to seek help, advice and support from these amazing set of people. The virtual world we live in can be optimised to form meaningful and strong connections.

I would like to sum up by saying that I am ready to put in my energy and focus on creating many happy memories in these tough times as well. So that I could cheerfully tell the tales of these stories to the next generations. I am pleased to invite you to join me online for a candid conversation.