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No luxury in this world can be more pleasant than the soothing moonlight. The price of a luxury car may come under your affordability and you may feel proud on that. However, that super luxury car is less in cost than the sweet innocent smile of your child. If he is not feeling comfortable in that car, for sure you will want to bring the child out of it in the cool, fresh, healthy breeze. That again makes you feel relieved, as your child’s well-being is more precious than that luxury Audi/Lamborghini/Bugatti. This is life and ultimate goal of life is happiness, which is in small things.  

Celebrations are not the slaves of weekends

Certainly, the routines are very busy and we eagerly wait for the week to end. Monday is the most stressful day and everyone is afraid of its tiring routine and gloomy feel that comes as the obvious consequence. But don’t you think that here we need to change the approach. Why to wait desperately for weekends to go for a party? In fact, is it always necessary to spend nightlong time to celebrate the Saturdays and Sundays? A short candle light dinner on Monday or Tuesday can be as energetic as a Saturday disco night. The idea is to do small things whole week that keep you rejuvenated and erase the feel of boredom and monotony.

Stay connected personally and not through technology

When was the last time you had a face-to-face conversation with your friend or cousin brother/sister/aunt?  Visit people personally (of course, after knowing their comfort) and spend some time in person. May be it is a 15 minute to 30 minutes meeting at dinner or maybe it is just an evening walk after you come back home.

Leave mobile phones and laptops for a while, in place of sending messages on them to people, meet them in reality. Virtual world can never compete the strength of personal connections. Any possible thing that you can do on this aspect can help pour freshness not only in you but also in your relations. Why to always find the reason of occasions and festivals to meet people, do it anytime you are comfortable.

Keep finances and personal life separate

This may sound impossible but you know how badly sometimes financial frustrations affect personal relations. Obligations, debts, mounting expenses etc. when act aggressive, the first impact shows on the personal lives. But do not let them do that with you and your loved ones. For precaution, it is better to manage money matters in the smartest possible way. Do not stretch the limit of your finances up to the level, which becomes unmanageable. Whether it is about taking very short-term text loans or a high rate credit card, your income should never feel small in front of the obligations. More stable and balanced you stay in your finances, more easily you achieve peace of mind.

It is not always bad to look behind, if past has something good to offer

When it comes to attaining happiness, the usual suggestion is to live in the present and forget the past. But, sometimes past has the most beautiful experiences to forward for your current as well as future. If something is there in the old times and years that can make you feel energised and inspired then it is not bad to look behind.

In fact, sometimes when you feel dull and destroyed, it is a past achievement or moment that revives you to stand again. The best way to do this can be a flashback of your old pictures, which helps you recall the happy days. Keep going back in old days as they may give a better idea to improve your today and tomorrow.

Gratitude, Of course!

This is the timeless tool to feel happy about your situation. Many things that you enjoy do not even exist in the lives of other people. If you fail to compare in this way then just focus on the things that you can really appreciate about your life. For instance, may be your job schedule is very hectic but your company does a great increment in every 6 or 12 months. This is something that one can feel grateful about. At least, after a certain time you get the reward of your hard work.  The positive thing in this situation is, when you take a switch to the new job, your next salary package will be higher. The current company is naturally enhancing your market value by giving increments every year.

This attitude may help you calm down your anxiety on hectic schedule and better plans can come for the career. When the mind is at peace or feeling happy, it becomes creative and that naturally stimulates positivity.


Let the maturity in you grow more and focus more on big things. Small text loans compromises may look annoying but if they are destined to add something good in the bigger picture, few bumpy roads are fine. Do not let the small occasions of happiness slip from your hands. If catching a butterfly (do not forget to free it after sometime) in your garden on a fresh morning, gives a smile on your face then you know the art of attaining happiness. Find such small bits of pleasure and life will be a complete beauty.