You don’t have to be an outlaw to reap the benefits of living life a little closer to the edge. By being more creative, opening up to the excitement, and thinking outside of the box, we can expect self-improvement where once we assumed chaos. From healthful happiness to professional performance, here are six reasons why you should embrace your inner wild child.

Little changes might trigger bigger impacts

Routine and order — or a lack of spontaneity — can actually hinder your ability to cope with change. Change can be scary, but it can also be the most thrilling part of the human experience. Knowing how to handle change takes courage, patience, and practice. And there’s no better way to practice change than regularly mixing up your routine.

Try a new restaurant, read a new book genre, some physical work on gardening and kitchen cleaning, or take a day trip someplace you’ve never been. Small changes can stack up to large improvements in mental and physical health.

Direction to your excitement

When you do something you’re not fully comfortable with, it gets your heart pumping and your mind racing. It’s been suggested that feeling excitement can actually reduce anxiety when performing any number of tasks, like public speaking, interviewing for a job, or taking a test. Listening to loud music, going for a jog, or having a good laugh with friends can ultimately get your head in the game and keep you focused much better than lighting some incense and meditating.

Breaking the boundaries need a creative approach

Breaking the rules, taking the road less traveled, and thinking outside of the box are the results of creative thinking. Sometimes doing things differently can inspire solutions that can help get you ahead professionally, in a better relationship, or more motivated to complete a project. Whether through art or innovation, refusing to toe the line allows creative minds to see past barriers and into a realm of possibility.

We need bodies in motion

You’ve heard of fight-or-flight before, right? The body experiences natural physiological reactions to the excitement that stimulates a physical response. New and exciting activities can lead to more movement, channeling the body’s energy productively and efficiently. More activity leads to better physical health and improved mental function. So embrace the strange or unfamiliar — it does a body good.

Major work over self-confidence

Rule-breakers are inherently self-confident. So if you’re thinking your ego could use a shot of adrenaline, don’t hesitate to push outside of your comfort zone. Risk-takers are more likely to achieve their goals because they are more likely to take chances. Self-confidence isn’t necessarily a result of achieving goals; rather, it’s the result of falling down and still continuing forward. Sometimes the hardest rules to break are the ones we place on ourselves. Don’t limit yourself to what you think you can do; challenge yourself to improve self-confidence.

Beat stress, relax a little bit

Don’t ever be afraid to make introductions, especially when they’re particularly attractive. Say hello to someone, buy them a drink, and see where the evening takes you. Mix up the routine and order a glass of Spiced Wine, a robust red infused with unique spices of cinnamon, clove, honey, and ginger. Try this delicious beverage four different ways — room temperature, chilled, warmed, or in a cocktail — and indulge yourself with a company that lives life boldly and unabashed.