Happiness Needs You To Let Go If You Wish To Really Experience Joy

Happiness is purely a state. A state of mind and totally dependent on your mindset. When you wish to actually have true happiness in life, really experiencing joy and a wonderful surging life, then you have to be able to let go of the things which drag you down.

As I sit writing this I am also thinking about a group of friends in Japan who invited me to a reunion that is in progress. I haven’t seen them in a long time, and they were a very special group of friends, life always felt brighter and lighter when I was around them. So it would have been wonderful to see them. Having been through a martial breakdown, largely precipitated by an abusive step-daughter, I had to leave Japan in April, and have been rebuilding my life since.

While I would love to be spending time with those wonderful friends, and all their positivity, I am unable to at this moment. Though while I could descend into anger, sadness and hurt because of my situation. I am choosing instead to feel at ease, and happy.

Release Of Negativity Is Critical To Being Happy and Experiencing Joy On A Daily Basis

Things have been far from easy recently. Rebuilding your life, if you have never done it, can be challenging at times. It takes energy, and at times you can feel the tug of what was, or what you wished to be, in a very large way. Though the fact is, that in dwelling on the “could’ve, would’ve, should’ve” you are just bogging yourself down in stuff that will never help you.

While a certain degree of reflection is good. Because where things turned out differently to your desires, lessons can be learned that will carry you closer to your dreams next time.

Living in the past, having your current emotions anchored on past events, can only ever block you from being fully happy in the moment.

Because of this, being able to release from the past is crucial to your overall enjoyment of life. Yes, having past events in mind, thinking about what happened can be useful, good even at times. Holding on to negative emotion, will only ever cause distress. And that distress blocks happiness.

I am in many ways still raw from my experience of the last few years. While at times my mind does flow back to the abusive situation I lived in, it does so with far less emotion. And when I do flow back to those times, I do so in a way that is either to help educate or provide an insight which can promote better, happier results in the future. Holding the emotion of those times, only ever served to raise my awareness that things were out of balance in life, and that I needed to create change.

Happiness Requires Quality Life Change In Order For It To Come In

For those who are happy, this article will be mostly meaningless. For those struggling to gain happiness, that tangible experience of events and emotions allows insight to come through. If your life feels unpleasant, and happiness seems like a rarity to you, then that is your emotions highlighting something for your attention.

That highlight being to have you realize that a degree of life change is needed.

Happiness is absent when life is out of balance. When life is in balance, and everything is in harmony, then happiness flows in abundance. While I still have moments when I feel sad, I can acknowledge that that is due to leaving a wife whom I loved with all my heart, and that adapting is having its challenges. At the same time, I can also acknowledge that I am happier than I have been in a long time, because I am free from the abuse that made life a living nightmare.

I take full responsibility for that situation, in so much a I know I attracted it unconsciously in order to gain some point of learning or personal growth. I am clear of it now though, drawing those lessons, and holding onto the crushing weight of sadness which I lived with serves zero purpose.

This is how I have been able to begin creating happiness again in my life.

Releasing Yourself Into Now And Letting Go Of The Past Is How You Gain Real Happiness

Because I have been able to let go of that old emotion, I can sit here now, thinking of my friends and how nice it would be to see them. And even though I will have to wait, I am able to smile about it. I feel happy. I have made adjustments to my life to evolve with changes that have been made. And through releasing those negative emotions which nearly crushed me, I have transitioned to a point of ease.

At times I miss my friends, though in a spirit of wanting to enjoy being around their energy. I know I can see them again if I want to. The world is full of opportunity. In releasing those old negative emotions, and allowing positivity, happiness and joy to flow in, I have greater opportunity to create circumstances which bring me back together with those friends.

Letting go gives you a platform to build happiness on effectively. By clearing away negative emotions, you heal your life, and your mind, in a way that has you coming into a place of empowerment. Allowing you to create that joyful, surging life full of happiness which nature intended for you. So when happiness seems to far off, take that as a sign to release, let go, permit yourself to detach from things and move forward. Happiness comes from being free to be happy, so free yourself from the things holding you back, and happiness will be there for you.


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