I was always scared to tell folks that they didn’t need more to be happy.

I always felt like I’d be criticized and shamed by the hustle whores and grind gurus.

It was enough to hold me back.

My fear.

Fear is stupid.

Guess what?

You don’t need more.

You really don’t.

The amount of peace and happiness in your life is exactly equal to the amount of peace and happiness you’re letting in.

You control that level.

You’re calibrated for a level of happiness, and you control the level.

Most people are set to ZERO.

When good stuff happens to them, they push it away and find a way to move quickly back to struggle and pain.

They are conditioned to suffer. They are conditioned to suffer as a means of finding future happiness. They say they want happiness, but their actions don’t align. They choose conflict and drama. They delay happiness.

Makes no sense, right?

Creating more money and stuff is not the same as peace and happiness.

You can be happy without stuff.

You can be miserable with lots of stuff.

They’re not absolutely connected.

But there is one link…

Happy people create wealth and material easier and more naturally than miserable people.

Let’s face it, it’s fun to create more.

But you don’t need to suffer to make more.

Internal stress, struggle, and clinging are not required. You don’t need to obsess over what you want to create it…

Losing sleep…

Endless hours of physical and mental exhaustion…

A constant replay of attaining that thing…

An obsession and worry that won’t let go.

That’s all unnecessary.

Peace and happiness create more in an easier way.

But you don’t need more.

You can have more, sure. All you want.

But remember, happiness is never later.

If you’re not happy with 1, when you have 2 you’ll just want 3.

For goodness sakes, if you’re not happy with 0, when you have 1 you’ll want 2!

If you’re reading this, you have all you need.

You’re not impoverished. You don’t live meal to meal, and you know where you’re sleeping tonight.

You don’t need more to be happy.

Delayed happiness delays happiness forever.

If you think deeply about it, the “more stuff” is supposed to bring you…

Drumroll please…

Happiness, right?

So why not now?

Why wait?

I have a mastermind of wealthy people.

Do you know their biggest challenge?

They started with a little and they were unsatisfied and unhappy.

Now they’re wealthy and they’re mostly still unsatisfied and unhappy.

So we spend all of our time recalibrating our view of success.

They’re CHOOSING to be happy now.

They could have been happy decades ago, but they first needed to see that more can’t make you happy.

You don’t need more. You need happy.

They’re different.

When my wealthy mastermind students finally realize that they are caught up in an internal struggle and story that says that they’re not allowed to be happy now…

So they realize that they just stop themselves from being happy, and fight just to fight…

They start laughing.

Like, REAL laughing.

They realize that they had enough all along.

They never needed more.

It was the story and their mindset they were fighting…

Not the amount they had.

Once they’re free from self-inflicted conflict…

They enjoy life more.

And they realize that that’s the only “more” they ever needed.