The author Lisa Cypers Kamen in her book “Are we happy yet”, gives us actionable tools for promoting happiness in our daily lives. She describes that happiness is derived from intention to be happy, attention towards our happiness, taking action to bring in happiness in our lives. All of us want to achieve success in all our endeavours with the objective that it would make us happy. Do we really become happy then? The answer is mixed. Sometimes we derive happiness on reaching our desired objectives in life while other times we think about what is ahead next and do not fully enjoy the moment. Hence, it is suggested to enjoy every step in your journey to reach success. If you are a student, enjoy studying every day so that when you reach your desired grades in school or college, you can celebrate it in a profound way. Plus, in that case you have made enjoyment and happiness a habit for you and established a set behaviour pattern. Creating a daily Happiness Tracker is a good way of setting a discipline for happiness in your life. (It is like a planner where you mention key activities that bring you joy and update it at the end of the day) . Also, you can appreciate yourself for being happy and joyful using this happiness tracker. The law of attraction in physics works in real life too, when you are happy, you attract more happiness.

I believe that following these 5 things regularly can boost your happiness levels:

  1. Meditation:

Meditation is a simple technique of focusing on your breath or a visualization of a figure (a dot or Om sign) at the epicentre of your forehead. Doing it for even five minutes a day, especially in the morning can enhance your mood to a serene and peaceful state throughout the day. Chanting your favourite mantra during meditation can also create bliss. Listening to soothing music is another way used for meditation.

2. Write:

As a child, we were all taught the importance of writing a diary entry to reflect upon our activities of the day. Writing is a way to express yourself freely. It lets you focus on the thoughts which are important to you plus it hones up your language skills. Writing is a form of creative work and adds up to your happiness level.

3. Nature:

A walk in the garden increases our oxytocin and endorphin levels which makes us feel happy. By being outside the house under the open sky give a boost to our creativity and provide different perspectives. It helps us appreciate the abundance in life and be grateful for things which are easily available to us like air, water and sunshine. Being grateful makes us happy.

4. Read:

Books are referred to as friends by many people. For me personally, books are like my friends. It gives me company when I am alone or when I surrounded by people. It provides me knowledge, insight and stories. Reading books is a way to unfolding happiness in our lives.

5. Connect with family:

Spending quality time with your family boosts your happiness. Family symbolizes care, warmth, love and life. People who take out time to be present with family members are bound to be happy in life. Go ahead and spend your weekend with your family and create memories which would bring happiness in your life now and later.

Live life beautifully and happily.

Sun brings happiness in our life.