Are you seeking purpose, happiness and motivation?
The answer is YES; In our busy daily life everyone is seeking purpose, happiness and motivation;
And each person gets motivation from different events, activities. it’s also good to remember that it’s not the time to seek motivation from someone, employer, supervisor, manager, friend;
First of all, person seeking motivation have to be open to accept it; If you are seeking for one then dont look outside think what gives you motivation to work better, to be a good child of your parents; to be a good friend, to be a good and better of yourself to live the happy life;
Today, a lot of people think and agree that motivation comes from money they earn, they agree if they paid good ebough they will be happy, motivated at work and in life; I personally do not agree with this statement;
Yes, we need money to survive the life, to eat healthy, to have a house, to have a latest car, to buy branded clothing, and sometimes we buy unncessary stuff as we have money and do you think this gives us a motivation to live the happy life? No
If you don’t like your job where you are paid well, you will not be happy;
Losing my job, and being jobless now for more than 4 months I have learnt that money is not our happiness; It is not the resourse of motivation; it’s simply a resource to keep us alive;
During these 4 months I spent my time with people who find the motivation from different resources such as mediation, sport, nature, cooking, reading, spending time with friends and family
If you are looking for happiness, purpose, motivation in your life – Do not look for better paid job, look for a job where you will enjoy and still have time to do what you love, to be where you love, to be with whom you love after your working hours;