Having worked in the corporate world since leaving college I have built a career in Learning and Development and HR which has included coaching and training people of all levels and in various skills.  My aim has always been to develop people and promote employee engagement and then ironically, I find myself in a role where I am not developing myself or feeling engaged which is where my journey as a business owner began. 

I want to share my experience with you and let you in on the secret that will help you with your profits….

It’s all about the employee experience

From the minute a potential employee applies for a job with you they are on a journey with you and with a lot of companies this starts out great and even during the interview it is ok but what happens when someone is offered the job and they turn up for their first day? Do they receive a nice welcome pack or just a letter with the start date and time? I have received both of these and the Welcome Pack definitely made an impression so much that I shared it on social media so promoting the business before I even started!!

The start of the employee journey

Next is the induction and onboarding, does every employee get the same message and see the same thing or are they just sat with Carol and shown the ropes?! A structured induction whether it is a few hours or over a few days can make a difference and a lasting impression. I have seen when a new starter has turned up on their first day and no one knew they were coming, imagine how you would feel if this was you! Make it exciting, make it different but always ensure the message is consistent to everyone.

Create development opportunities

Once they are settled in look at how you manage performance and develop them… if at all. This is what people are looking for in a company they want to progress, they want to be engaged and they want to feel part of your business. Regular communication is key, team meetings, 121s, performance reviews should all form part of the journey. This is where it can affect your profits, if they feel important to you and your business and ‘not just a number’ they will be motivated to work and go the extra mile which is how productivity remains high and so do your profits.

Plan Ahead

You always need to be ahead of the game and succession planning is something on every business owner’s radar to do but not important until that longest serving member is leaving and there is no one to step up. Also, if there is absence do you have staff that are skilled to step in and keep things ticking over?  And if your do get a leaver, you should have a process in place to get their feedback so that you can be constantly learning on how to improve the employee experience.

Create a strategy

The key to this is a robust Learning and Development Strategy which is linked to your business vision and goals. Having a strategy that focuses on your people is a no brainer seen as though they are the bloodline in your business. Listen to what they want and need as an employee and find the balance to what you want and need to drive your business forward. Showing your commitment to investing in your employees and creating a happy workplace will create a loyal and committed workforce which will impact productivity and more importantly your profits!