Go live and create video Content

I’m the video content guy so of course, my own recommendation is to create amazing and engaging video content! What I basically do is go on a regular basis live and share insight knowledge with my fans and build my own community! Going live on a regular basis in video format brings you authority and clients for your own business.

You can find more information about content marketing on my website www.contentmentoring.com  or on my podcast https://anchor.fm/contentking 

See your subscriber as your online family

Brian Kurtz is the author of the book “Overdeliver” and a very famous direct marketer! He thinks about his subscribers as having an online family that you support with your email newsletter. It is not about making short-term revenues and making quick sales, it is all about building a relationship and genuinely helping your readers! Brian thinks about his online community as an online family that he supports and gives strategic advice to. And remember customers, students, prospects (and even suspects) refund transactions, not relationships.

You can find more information about Brian on his website: https://www.briankurtz.net

Who already works with your clients?

For a clubhouse meeting, I woke up at 3 a.m. (I live in Germany) in order to listen to Jay’s tactics and strategies! It was worth it! I would do it again because in one hour he shares so much knowledge and experience with other people in weeks of meetings. He is the best and, in my opinion, it is also important to give back to those people. My way of giving back is through content that I create and share how Jay’s knowledge helped me to grow and increase my own business. The best way to give back is through video testimonials (if you need one Jay please let me know! Your assistance has my email address), blog articles, and video snippets! One of the most powerful ideas that I learned from Jay is to go straight to people who already have your audience and partner up with them. You can do affiliate deals or partnerships in order to work with them more closely.

You can find more information about Jay Abraham here: https://lnk.bio/TAG  

Make sure to be PR ready

Drew Gerber is CEO of Wasabi Publicity Inc and helps clients to be featured in traditional media like Dr. Phil, Oprah, Wall Street Journal or Inc. In order to be PR ready ask yourself following questions:

  •  Really clearly formulate the value that you provide
  • Ask yourself: What value can you bring?
  • Ask yourself: What is your message and why is it unique?

You can find more information about Drew Gerber on his website: https://wasabipublicity.com/ 

Manage a virtual team 

Paul Higgins is author of the book “Build Live Give” and an expert when it comes to LinkedIn marketing and creating revenue online. In his book he is also writing about the topic of managing a virtual team, which is important especially for online business owners. Here are three lessons from Paul:

  • Celebrate once a week the wins of the team with https://www.voxer.com/ 
  • Key summary of each of the team members who contributed for the week
  • As a high performer, you also have to look back to your successes 

You can find more information about Paul Higgins on his website: https://paulhigginsmentoring.com/

Create your personal brand story

Anja Kuhn, who is an expert on the topic of the personal brand story, introduced the group to this idea of being unique with your own story. There are many entrepreneurs and business owners out there who may offer something similar to you. Nevertheless, you’re very special because of your own story and it is important first of all to be aware of this fact and also use it also in your own communication channels. Create a long version and also a shorter version that you tell people and constantly work on your own personal story. The easiest way to do this is through working with somebody like Anja or writing your own personal story down.

You can find more information about Anja Kuhn on her website: https://anjakuhn.com/ 


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