Invite people into your podcast show – Pablo Gonzalez

Anybody that Pablo wants to get to know a little bit better, he interviews on his podcast. That’s just a great way to find their priorities, superpowers and what makes them tick! After the interview, he repurposes the video into short-form segments and shares it with his own community. 

  • So I connect with the person on social media
  • Create content around them and then spread their message

You can find more about Pablo Gonzalez here: 

Promote other people to your own community – Chris Ross

To cultivate friendships as an entrepreneur is effortless as long as you have adopted an abundant lifestyle. 

Here is a simple 3-step method that Chris uses:

  1. Clearly state you want to promote them to your connections.
  2. Ask to see if they would be open to reciprocating the effort you are willing to put in to elevate them.
  3. Collaborate on how we can go about making that happen together.

Here is an example of how to do it:

Relationship with Singer, Songwriter, Jesslee and Manger, Steve Virginia. Chris launched her podcast show “The Jesslee Roadshow” on Winject Studios that is now Top-Rated after her coming on Episode 53 of Chris’ show The Win-Win Effect.

You can find more information about Chris on his website: 

Buy subscriptions for other people as a gift – Steve Sims

If you’re showing up at an event and you’re not bringing something to the party, you’re not a good guest. So that’s Steve’s focus. He just makes sure that he can bring something to make both people win in the relationship

People will appreciate it when you move pain and problems on their journey. So when Steve is dealing with people he is asking: So what are you working on? And what’s the bottleneck? He just makes sure that he can help to solve the pain points and problems.

Another piece of advice is to do what other people aren’t doing! It sounds silly, but it really works well. Steve loves subscribing to people to magazines, because it’s cheap and because people are having problems doing it but they really love it.

You can find more about Steve here: 

Focus on how to enrich the people in your life – Tiji Thomas

Always try to give and believe in the law of reciprocity and just give, give, give. So, if Tiji meets somebody his main focus is to help this person and really don’t expect anything in return. Doing this generated massive goodwill and if he asks for a favour people love also to help him.

Tiji really works hard to maintain friendships and keep in touch and puts reminders into his Google calendar. Once a month, once every other month there is a reminder in his calendar, to make sure that he communicates with different people. He knows that when he gets busy with his business, it really goes crazy busy. Therefore it is necessary to set yourself reminders like give so-and-so a call, touch base, send a few words.

You can find more about Tiji: 

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