Copy good copy and execute it for your own business

Take a good converting piece of copy that really works and write it down on paper. Just write it down and analyze the copy. This already helps you to understand the different parts of a good copy and will improve also your own copy skills. There is something magical happening when you use your pen and write down things – you notice small details that you overread on the screen. See this as an exercise to activate your own copy muscles.

Brian Kurtz is the author of the book Overdeliver and helps entrepreneurs to be more effective with their copy. You can find more information about Brian on his website:

Why technology is overrated and what really counts are conversations with human beings! 

We had no technology in the eighties. If we wanted to connect with someone, we did a few things. We phoned them or we turned up on their doorstep and we’ve all come from a period where we would knock on the door and go, Hey, can I have a few seconds?

We’ve all done that. Of course. People are scared now even to phone somebody. So they send a text, they send an email, they send a link in messenger or something like that. And when the person hasn’t met it, because guess what? They’re busy and they don’t know you. They’re like, Oh yeah, I’ve reached out. So if you go back to the eighties and forget all the technology that you’ve got and actually reach out to actually have a purposeful point of communication with someone that can surprise people if you actually show up on their doorstep, because you care about them doing something.

You can find more information about Jay Abraham here:

Have discipline through the day and fill out your calendar with things that you really want to do!

Do you know anyone that’s worked with Sir Elton John or Elon Musk, sent people down to see the wreck of the Titanic or closed museums in Florence for a private dinner party and then had Andrea Bocelli serenade them while they eat their pasta? Steve Sims did all these things! I had the chance to speak about influence and also impact in the world with Steve Sims!

Use a booking tool for your business AND family events. How many meetings do you have in the next two weeks with your family? Create discipline not only for your business but also for your family life and add breakfast with your family or family tours also into your calendar. If it is not in the calendar it is just a dream!

This means focusing and including family events also into your calendar and also saying more often no to other business opportunities. Accept the things that make you smile and book them into your calendar.

You can find more information about Steve on his website: 

Really deeply think about how to serve your audience and create value for them

Jason Feifer, Chief Editor of the Entrepreneur magazine and podcast host of The Problem Solver, is almost obsessed with the idea of how to serve his listeners. When he thought about creating a format he genuinely believes that Entrepreneurs ultimately solve problems and Jason wanted to create a show that is representing this thinking. So, the structure of the podcast is very clear. He interviews entrepreneurs who solve one particular problem and explains how they did it.

You can find more information about Jason on his website:

Deliver a PR Kit on your website

Another lesson from Drew Gerber is to work on your press kit on your website. So, make it special for journalists when they visit your website. Upload all information about you and your business, deliver pictures that they can download, and also short videos where they can see what you’re doing. Add of course all ways to get in contact with you (E-Mail address, Social Media channel links).

Drew Gerber is the founder of Wasabi Publicity and helps people to get on big stages like Oprah. You can find more about Drew on his website:

1+1=100  Try to bundle different products and services that you already have

Often times we are not aware of the products that we have and need some assistance from outside. Therefore a business coach is just perfect because he or she helps with our blind spots. Combining different products or services can already help to double and triple our market value.

Justin Lofton is the founder of Business Accelerator and helps business owners to double their sales. You can find more about Justin on his website:

Integrate your life story into your content

Brian Bogert has spent more than a decade learning the connections between human behavior and high performance and has coached hundreds of professionals in industries from business to athletics to reach their peak potential. I had the chance to interview him in my podcast and get some insights into his inspiring thoughts and concepts! One thing is writing your story down and identifying them. Another thing is integrating your life story into your content marketing strategy. So, how do you do this? It is all about context: So what kind of content? A keynote, a podcast interview, blog article, or a TV show? The best is that you have different lengths of your story so that you have different versions:

  •  Have a 2-3-sentence version of your story that you mention your life story in a nutshell
  •  3-minute version of your story for an f.e. a podcast interview
  •  Keynote: Longer form. Brian is telling his own story in 3rd person. It makes it more reliable for people and takes a stronger connection in the reveal moment! 

You can find more information about Brian Bogert on his website:

Selling realls means helping people! Don’t be afraid of selling!

If you’re scared of selling, you should be more scared of going hungry and being broke. Okay, so that will help you get over selling first. You know, because if you are broke and destitute and have no food, I guarantee you’re gonna sell something, or you’re gonna beg for something, right? Instead of seeing yourself selling something see yourself helping other people. Why won’t you help those people? See, that’s a paradigm shift. I have to tell you about my product because this will help you. So it’s not selling anymore. 

John Lawson is the “go-to” authority when it comes to online selling success in the Digital Age. He is the bestselling author of “Kickass Social Commerce for Epreneurs” and I had the chance to ask him specific questions about social selling!  You can find more information about John on his website:

Create communities around your topic and integrate people in your weekly live show

Pablo Gonzalez is the inventor of the Relationship Flywheel and co-founder of Be The Stage and host of the Chief Executive Connector and Not Your Average Investor podcasts. He is building communities with a straight forward strategy:

  • He is live on a weekly basis at the same day and time (This is important because all communities have rituals that they follow)
  • Integrates Q&A from the community and answers questions with his business partner

If you just do this on a weekly basis you will create a lot of video content, great new connections, and create goodwill in your community!

You can find more about Pablo here:

You can find more insights and lessons on my podcast Content Marketing Mastery:

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