If the Sunday night blues recently got you down and you’re dreading the Monday morning alarm, then it’s time to gain a new perspective.

HAPPY MONDAY. Say it- and believe it. HAPPY MONDAY.

Do you find it odd as you say it, as if the two words shouldn’t coincide with one another?

The beauty of it all is that your brain believes what you tell it (as you can read here).

Mondays should be given a little more recognition and a little less trepidation. For it’s more than a day that starts the work week, it’s a start of a new week… and an opportunity to change it all. So, pump the brakes on the negativity and stop dreading Mondays. Formulate the same mentality as the way you perceive Fridays.

10 ways to kick Monday off right:

  1. Start Monday with gratitude. You know that job you don’t feel like waking up for? There is a lot of unemployed people looking for a job like yours. That hot shower you recently took? Yes, this is just the beginning. You have a lot to be thankful for.
  2. Do a leisurely activity for yourself in the morning before work, even if it’s only ten minutes. Write in a journal, get a quick workout in, meditate, read or relax over breakfast with a loved one, etc. 
  3. Stand and move more throughout the day, get those ideas for the week flowing.
  4. Take care of yourself and go to bed earlier on Sunday nights.
  5. Drink more water.
  6. Make a healthy lunch at home and prepare snacks on Sunday night, your wallet and waist line will thank you for it.
  7. Tackle your biggest task first thing, because let’s be serious, if you don’t tackle it at 9am what are your chances of tackling it at 3:30pm? That one accomplishment sets the tone for the rest of the day.
  8. Utilize to-do lists, or time block your day into chunks of things you need to get done but also before bed on Sundays can help clear your mind too.
  9. Try to steer clear of the complainers, Debby downers, and/or learn to tune it out. 
  10. Leave your work day and be done with it. Don’t let it carry into your night if possible. As a former teacher I know sometimes you have to bring home work with you but the last thing you’ll want to do is bring it home to your family, kids and loved ones and let it interfere with your happiness at home.

Here’s to you Monday, may you be even better than Friday.


  • Tiffany began her career in 2007 as a childhood education teacher. She moved from a small family owned farm in Upstate New York to Manhattan in her late 20’s and began working in the financial services industry. She began her journey obtaining her MBA and became a freelance writer on topics that include self-development, motivation, and self-care. Tiffany knows that life can be complicated, stressful, messy and full of societal pressures. She is passionate about educating individuals on how to live a more simplistic, minimalist approach to life, without allowing others to dictate our choices. She believes that life doesn’t need to be as difficult as we may make it out to be. We can create a life full of internal greatness, joy, and abundance one step at a time.