Happy New Year Greetings 2021

Having survived the Coronavirus, it is very crucial to usher in your family and friends in 2021 with some cute happy new year wishes. If you’re finding it difficult to come up with some sweet new year messages, here are a few suggestions for you. Before then, Christmas is around the corner. Here are some merry Christmas greetings to send to your loved ones.

Happy New Year Wishes for Friends

1. Happy new year to you, my dear friend, am glad you made it into 2021.

Happy new year greetings for friends

2. May this new year bring you everlasting joy, good health and vision helpers.

3. Bravo! 2021 calls for celebration. Happy new year in advance.

4. Having survived the pandemic with you, congratulations for seeing another bright new year.

New year wishes for friends

5. Happy new year to you! You’ve been my one and only true friend all this while.

6. A prosperous new year to you, buddy! You’ve been there for me even when others abandoned me.

7. May the upcoming new year be as sweet as honey to you and as bitter as Bitrex to your enemies. Happy new year.

2021 New year greetings

8. You are highly favoured for seeing this year’s Christmas Eve. May good tidings never depart from you in this new year.

9. I am sending you this new year greetings to show how much I love you. Happy new year, my dear friend.

New year greetings

10. Thank you for being my back bone in the past year. Much love to you, this new year.

Happy New Year Greetings For Family

1. Happy new year, my wonderful family! May celebration never depart from us this year.

2. Wishing you all good health, more money, more inspiration and everlasting Joy.

3. With you, I am satisfied. Without you, I have nothing to boast of. Happy new year to you, my lovely family.

4. I welcome you all into the year, 2021. This wonderful year shall be great to us! Happy new year.

5. With one accord we are marching to our promise land. 2021, here we come. Happy new year.

6. A prosperous new year to you, my precious family. Let’s appreciate God for the gift of life.

7. It is a privilege to witness another year. May wished to see this year but couldn’t make it. Happy new year to you all.

8. Behold! I will do a new thing. Old things have passed away. Welcome to a new year.

9. New year, new beginning. May the Lord change your direction and place you in a higher dimension this year. Welcome to 2021.

10. I am so glad we made. Happy new year to you all.

Inspirational New Year Wishes

  1. Welcome to another bright new year. It is time to start writing a beautiful life story for yourself.

2. Whatever you will achieve this year starts now. Begin now to invest and wait for the outcome of your hard-work. Happy new year.

3. Do not allow the mistakes of last year to hinder your success this year. Arise and shine, for your glory has come.

4. Happy! happy!! and blissful new year to you. Remember, no one has the power to change your life unless you permit them. Therefore, choose wisely this year and live a prosperous new year.

5. In this new year, be slow to speak, quick to hear and eager to learn. Take a new step today and refuse to remain in your comfort zone.

Cute new year wishes

6. This beautiful year marks the beginning of your new life.

7. Let go of your past mistakes and failure. In this new year, work on improving in all ramification.

8. Look at the ants and learn. In this new year, never stop learning because knowledge is power. Be inspired and transform every life around you.