Embracing the Changing Seasons of our Lives means Living NOW…

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“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise, we harden.” ~Johann Woflgang von Goethe

Have you ever just really taken time to contemplate how Mother Nature renews Herself? EVERY YEAR, She diligently flourishes throughout the summer months, transitions to providing for other lifeforms on the planet through the harvest prior to slowing down & shedding the old, while then moving into dormancy & hibernation — aka: REST…. Then, as the quiet of Winter literally melts away — we have Spring — at which point She emerges slowly, showcasing Her brilliance & beauty — to begin anew.

Sometimes — we humans have the opportunity to help Mother Nature thrive. While Joel and I were out enjoying one of the warmer weekends we had here, we spent the afternoon in our outdoor sanctuary trimming dead branches & trees, and removing dead underbrush, to make room for the new growth. It occurred to me, this is a great metaphor for how we should be moving forward into this season of renewal by ‘trimming away what isn’t working for us’ — while clearing space for new benefits & opportunities.

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The one and only constant variable in life is change. When we can learn to embrace and make the most of the changing seasons of our life, as well as the elemental seasons we experience, we can truly fuel ourselves during this lifetime, resulting in there being more of ourselves to give.

Spring is a time of renewal, regeneration, emergence, blossoming, propelling ourselves forward! It’s fresh, it’s new, and it smells amazing. Let the scents guide you to your inner sense or wisdom, as you break old molds, embrace new patterns, and soak up and emit greater energy & light. Get curious about that little bit of life poking up through the cracks in the ground — both literally & figuratively. Choose to see with fresh eyes and a new outlook, and you might just find yourself experiencing more joy and radiating more of that positivity in the direction of those around you.

As we share in the new growth, we can curate this sun-filled energy and use it to our advantage — enabling ourselves to connect more deeply with nature, ourselves, and everyone we come into contact with. We can spread more love, allowing our ‘refill’ to overflow into the lives of those whom we touch — benefiting all of life indirectly, as we directly & consciously interact with all that life has to offer us in the here & now — this moment.

We have to remind ourselves that this moment is truly all we have. Life is happening now! Feel the flow and ride that tide as the moments lead to other moments, and let’s try to live more in THIS moment — the one right before us.

In line with this — it’s a fantastic opportunity to renew anything that we’ve been longing to pursue, to change, to tweak, or to improve in our lives. And quite frankly — whenever I have a difficult day, or have to work through some tough emotions/ situations — I remind myself that the PRIMARY THINGS ARE IN PLACE…

  1. The love of those I’m closest to, and…
  2. Our HEALTH.

I feel my feelings, work through them & make them count, and then return myself to a place of gratitude. This shift transitions me back to a place of openness and oneness with Creation and my purpose — and helps foster more of my creativity and energy for giving back using the talents & the gifts I’m here to share.

Then I remember that with these primary items rooted, the rest will fall into place. I have to also remind myself to remain patient — one of my ongoing lessons in this lifetime!

We can all take a cue from Mother Nature Herself, and choose to harness the energy of this emergent, clean-slate of a season!

Want to renew yourself from the inside out?? Trust me, it’s THE BEST WAY to flourish during this life!


Mother Nature’s gentle Spring breeze is whispering in your ear….

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