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Have you ever wanted to become a fashion designer? Maybe you’ve had the desire to start a fashion blog? What about just being a respected fashion icon within your circle of friends? Well, as much as we would like to believe, the fashion styles of the majority of people, maybe even you, are lacking. You may want to improve your own fashion sense and look fashionable but you just may not know how to do that. Well you’re in luck! I’ll be sharing with you some of the easiest ways for you to look fashionable in your daily life. You’ll soon have people begging you to share how to improve their own sense of fashion based on your new-and-improved look. So let’s dive into some easy ways you can use to immediately look more fashionable.

Style Your Fashion With the Clothes You Already Have

how to improve your fashion

Do you think you need to go out and buy a whole bunch of new clothes to look more fashionable? Well, that’s just not true! There are a number of ways you can use your own clothes to look more fashionable. Hannah McKinley over at PopSugar recommends a number of different changes you can make with some of the shirts you already have. If you have a number of nice shirts, try the following to make your ensemble pop:

  • Knot It
  • Tuck it
  • Belt it
  • Roll the Sleeves
  • Cuff It
  • Drape it

Make Yourself Look Fashionable With these Wardrobe Additions

how to improve your fashion

Don’t forget the accessories! As you saw with the shirts above, you can use what you already have to really make yourself look more fashionable. Charles Manning over at Cosmopolitan shared some easy ways you can add accessories to make yourself look more fashionable. Just by adding a few accessories to your wardrobe will really allow you to project expression of your sense of fashion and really make you look creative and more authentic to who you are. Here are some of my favorite recommendations from what Charles shared:

  • Add a jacket
  • Layer your outfits
  • Add a hat
  • Add some sunglasses

Biggest Takeaway With This Information

I think the biggest takeaway from this information is to be creative. You don’t need to go out and spend a whole bunch of money just because you think you need new clothes to look good. You can drastically improve your fashion with some of the clothes you already have. Be creative. Be confident. Be authentic to who you are. You can be happy with your fashion and maybe even become a fashion expert if you start to apply some of this information today! Remember you’re loved and extremely beautiful! Good luck becoming a fashion expert and remember to keep moving forward!




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Originally published at convergeblog.com