Words of Encouragement - You Are Worthy


Words of Encouragement For Overwhelmed Working Women – You Are Worthy

You are worthy.

You are a cherished gift, birthed from the womb of a Goddess.

You are a priceless jewel bathed in sunlight, embraced by Mother Earth and the glow of the moon.

Remember, dear heart, your life is valuable.

Your views, feelings, and thoughts matter.

Don’t allow the fragility of another soul to weaken your resolve and make you feel small.

Rise above them.

Reclaim your calm.

Open your heart and see the beauty of who you are.

Don’t let the meanness of someone’s heart threaten your peace.

You have worked hard to be where you are.

You have sacrificed your fears, doubts, and self-limiting beliefs to be here.

Remember how far you have come.

Celebrate that and stand firm in your heart.

Don’t let the insecurities of others drag you down.

You are more than the labels they try to put on you.

Rise dear one.


Lift your heart to the sky, see the rainbow as a sign you are free and worthy to love without fear, shame or walking on eggshells.

Remember, dear one; all roads lead to your heart’s awakening, growth, and stability.

When you feel lost, small in spirit, lonely and alone.

Remember, Mother Earth covers you, you are safe, protected and cared about.

I am also here that quiet voice bigging you up, cheering you along, reminding you who you are.

I am the small bird sitting on your windowsill, wishing you well.

I am the speck of dust on your sleeve, the stranger’s smile and hand on your elbow, reminding you are worthy.

Your heart is precious, keep your feet rooted the ground.

And stand-up, dear friend.

Lower your shoulders, find your breath, and look the world in the eye.

Take a bow and walk away.

Away from the pain and sadness into a lifetime of absolute truth that you are alive, worthy and you will get through.


Keep well, dear friend.  Remember, you stand on the shoulders of greatness and you’re an incredible woman.

Hugs, peace and blessings

Ntathu xxx

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