Haquapathic® Medicine is the newly introduced form of primary health care that emphasizing prevention, treatment, and optimal health using Haqua Revitalize® Therapy.  This branch of holistic medicine, particularly naturopathy, uses individuals’ inherent self-healing, self-protection and self-maintenance processes. 

Haquapathy® is derived from the words ‘haqua®’ (hot), ‘aqua’ the Latin word for water, and ‘-pathy’, from the Latin word meaning therapy.

Can a vehicle simply run without its own fuels? If any of the vehicle’s fuels is depleted, then you cannot run it; such as the break oil, engine oil, coolant, etc.

Can a vehicle maintain its efficacy without regular routine maintenance?

Well, this principle applies to the human body. The only difference between a vehicle and a human body; is that a vehicle runs of artificial fuels which are human-made fuels.

Whereas, the human body runs exclusively on its own natural fuels. Any foreign bodies that enters the human body pose a threat, when it comes to man-made artificial “fuels’, such as processed foods, drugs, fizzy drinks, alcohol, smoke, etc. We coined these natural fuels, the Four Essential Elements of Life (FEEL’s, namely; water, oxygen, hydrogen, and energy. These natural elements required by the body perfectly maintain the entire human system. In their abundant form, the FEEL’s sustain every single cell and encourage appropriate performance. New cells replace similar ones that die every day by apoptosis—natural cell death—and the human body requires a balanced level of FEEL’s for this system to perform accurately in all aspects of health: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.These are the only sources of its first creation and development.

Exclusive Haquation®

Hydration is defined as making the body absorbing water or liquid, whereas Haquation® is making the body exclusively absorbing the FEEL’s (Four Essential Elements of Life) by hydration. Haqua Revitalize® Therapyhaquates® the cells, maintaining the body’s health through water, oxygen, hydrogen and energy.


Water is the body’s largest source of oxygen—only 21% is obtained from the environment—and Haqua Revitalize® Therapy replenishes the body’s cells.


It has been discovered that no electron moves in the human system unless it is accompanied by hydrogen. Hydrogen is the smallest of all the elements, yet it has as much antioxidant power as large complex compounds.[i]

Hydrogen is stored in the body’s ‘hydrogen pools’ inside the liver, intestines, heart, kidney, and spleen. Haqua Revitalize® Therapy offers these organs the amounts of hydrogen that they need.


Haqua Revitalize® Therapy revives the body’s energy levels by thermogenesis—the production of heat—and vasodilation—the widening of blood vessels—as inferred by the first law of thermodynamics—heat is a form of energy. Haqua Revitalize® Therapy is thus an exclusive and toxic-free method of naturally shifting energy to the body through hydration. Every 5% of water loss during dehydration causes a tremendous drop of 25-30% of the body’s energy.

Haqua Revitalize® Therapy (HART)—Aqua Calidum Therapy, Hydrothermal Therapy, Hot Aqua Therapy, Aqua Thermal Therapy, May Sakhin Therapy, Maji Moto Therapy, Hot Water Therapy—is an exclusively branded, marvel remedy for people of all ages, genders and races. With all its natural structures, this therapy carries distinctive advantages that have the potential to revitalize human biological, genetic, and psychological structures in all PEMS (Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual) aspects of health. Below is a general run-through of these advantages.

Physical Health

Haqua Revitalize® Therapy revitalizes the human body to its original state of creation and growth of physical proficiency. The power of Haqua enhances the overall immune system in self-maintenance, self-healing, and self-protection, which leads to an elimination of the prime sources of physical ailment: pathogens, toxins, and allergens. Maintaining proper health and fitness, Haqua Revitalize® Therapy accomplishes a sound body and freedom from disease or abnormality.

Emotional Health

Haqua Revitalize® Therapy has the power to revitalize the human body to its original state of creation and growth of emotional proficiency. The FEEL’s—water, oxygen, hydrogen, and energy—restore hormonal balance to the body by regulating the secretion of hormone glands.

Hormones are powerful molecules that control the function, growth, reproduction, metabolism, and reconstruction of every cell in the body. Hormonal balance leads to a positive sense of emotional and psychological well-being and the ability to control and express emotions appropriately. Hormones are secreted by the glands, and then transported to the blood circulatory system which in turn transports the hormones to reach its designated target. The blood itself, fully relies on these essential fuels, the FEEL’s to remain active. Any depletion of these fuels would slow down the circulatory system, and the hormones cannot transported well to reach its destinations.

Haqua Revitalize® Therapy aids the body in coping with difficult moments, challenges, and irrevocable incidents that occur; minimizes the risks involved; and increases the proficiency to move past the above without causing further emotional damage.

In his research on thoughts and intentions that change the physical realm, Dr. Masuru Emoto discovered that water is affected by the spoken word.

Water is the essential element that reacts to words transmitted from one person to another and transports the hormones related to emotion, such as serotonin, adrenaline, dopamine, etc.

Mental Health

Haqua Revitalize® Therapy revitalizes the human body in its original state of creation and growth of mental proficiency. The key towards enhancing cognitive abilities, Haqua Revitalize® Therapy encourages the body’s performance of higher mental processes of reasoning and improves brain memory by enhancing the brain with sufficient FEEL’s, in addition to proteins and hormones that also increase cognitive potential. This process occurs as Haqua Revitalize® Therapy enhances the body’s energy, resulting in vasodilation—dilation of the blood vessels. These substances are then easily transported to the brain.

It is essential that the brain can easily receive all the FEEL’s, for the following reasons: 76% of the human brain is water, 92% of the blood plasma is water, 20% of oxygen is received by the brain (more than the lungs); hydrogen is essential to the movement of all atoms in the nervous system of the brain; and 20% of all energy is used by the brain (more than any other organ).

These body’s essential fuels (FEEL’s) reach the central nervous system through the circulatory system.

As the nervous system is naturally and effortlessly injected with enough water, oxygen, hydrogen and energy; this will enhance its performance at its maximum capacity, leading to increasing of the cognitive function.

Spiritual Health

Haqua Revitalize® Therapy revitalizes the human body to its original state of creation and growth of spiritual proficiency. It encourages a better understanding of the purpose of human existence in life; the power of belief; compassion and understanding towards others; the value of every human being; the capacity for love and forgiveness; and cultural understanding, appreciation and intermingling with peoples of different cultures and beliefs.

As the world population implements Haqua Revitalize® Therapy (HART), more human energy will be released. The Universal Energy that is controlled by the Universal Cosmology will be reached, and human conflict will gradually fade away, rebuilding global peace, harmony and intercultural competence.

Vitamin D

The natural production of vitamin D through cholesterol sulfate under the skin is enhanced by Haqua Compress Therapy.

Immune System

The immune system protects the body from illness and fights disease. Various organs of this intricate system eradicate harmful bacteria, neutralize toxic substances in the body, and melt fat deposits by enhancing the enzymes that break fats, carbohydrates, and proteins down to produce energy for the body’s cells.

The Four Essential Elements of Life (FEEL’s)—water, oxygen, hydrogen, and energy—that are in Haqua revitalize the body’s immune system.

Central Nervous System

Haqua Revitalize® Therapy rejuvenates the central nervous system by supplying a significant amount of the FEEL’s—water, oxygen, hydrogen, and energy—that are required for this system to function.

Food Metabolism

Enzymes are responsible for the process of breaking down food that is consumed: proteins into amino acids, carbohydrates into glucose, and fats into fatty acids. (Fatty acids and glucose enhance the body’s energy; amino acids build muscle.)

This metabolism in the body produces heat, and as Haqua Revitalize® Therapy increases that heat, Haqua Revitalize® Therapy increases the speed of this reaction.

Waste disposal after metabolism is also more rapid, with the effect that the excesses of digestion—carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfates, and methane—are quickly removed. (The metabolic wastes from the body are possibly liable for almost 90% of diseases, allergies, and infections.)


Haqua Revitalize® Therapy strengthens the bones through the cholesterol sulfate and vitamin D produced in the skin. Research conducted by Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), revealed that the sun’s energy on human skin increased the production of cholesterol sulfate and vitamin D. Implementing Haqua Compress Therapy (HCT) will replace the sun’s energy with that provided by Haqua Revitalize® Therapy.

Skin Brightening

Haqua Revitalize® Therapy brightens the skin and removes dead cells through the implementation of Haqua Compress Therapy (HCT)—Hot Aqua Compress Therapy (HACT), Hydrothermal Compress Therapy (HTCT), Hydrothermal Towel Therapy (HTTT), Compress Methods (CM)—as recommended by Haqua Revitalize® Therapy.

Visual Perception and Eye Whitening

Haqua Steam Therapy (HST)—Hydrothermal Steam Therapy (HTST), Hot Aqua Steam Therapy (HAST), Steam Methods (SM)—cleanses the cornea of pathogens, microorganisms, dust particles, etc., that form a thin coating around the cornea. This layer impedes the cornea from receiving enough oxygen and the foreign invaders irritate the eye, leading to redness. By naturally removing these harmful particles, germs and other matter, the eyes are whitened around the cornea and eyesight is improved.

Voice Enhancement

Haqua Revitalize® Therapy enhances the audibility of the voice. The Haqua Gargling Method (HGM) is the most effective and recommended therapy in addition to the Therapeutic Methods of Haqua Gulping (TMHG).


Haqua Revitalize® Therapy enhances the distribution of most vitamins and minerals to the body. As a result, Haqua Revitalize® Therapy strengthens human hair and reduces, though does not eliminate, hair fall.

Tooth Whitening

Brushing the teeth with Haqua and tooth paste eradicates sugars and starches that gather from the remains of food; plaques from acid-producing bacteria; and the stains from tobacco, tea, coffee, and bacteria. (This principle already applies to clothing, as stains are more easily removed by washing the clothing in hot water.)

Body Fitness

This complete new therapy provides the body with remarkable results in maintaining physical health and fitness. Long-term health hazards from prolonged physical workouts are prevented, as cell energy is enhanced by hydration. Haqua Revitalize® Therapy is a worthy, natural substance for those who engage in heavy workouts, but it also offers relevant results for those who do not consistently exercise.

Burning Calories

Haqua Revitalize® Therapy aids in more efficient calorie-burning. As a unit of energy, calories are directly linked to the amount of water and heat consumed; thus, Haqua Revitalize® Therapy is the exclusive source of natural calorie-burning by hydration.

Obesity, Lipid and Fat Burning, and Weight Loss

This therapy eradicates obesity and excessive fats in the body, which tend to cause diabetes, high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol, etc. Root causes of these complications occur when the body is depleted of FEEL’s. Furthermore, the human biological system that protects the body against these physical ailments is directly linked to the amount of water, oxygen, hydrogen, and energy that is available.

Obesity occurs when the body consumes more calories than the amount it burns daily. The key is that a calorie is directly linked to Haqua. A calorie is scientifically defined as the amount of energy our body needs while raising the temperature of one gram water from 14.5°C to 15.5°C (58.1°F-59.9°F). Thus, more units of water and energy (heat) means more calories.

Haqua Revitalize® Therapy hydrates and enhances the energy of the enzymes that break up fats (lipids) into fatty acids. These enzymes use the fatty acids as an energy source. Haqua Revitalize® Therapy is then the most efficient source of weight loss and eradicating obesity.


This therapy increases libido—sexual desire and drive. Water triggers both the pituitary and the adrenal glands, which secrete sex hormones: testosterone levels in males, estrogen and progesterone levels in females. (Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, M.D. discovered the importance of drinking a glass of water 15-30 minutes before a meal. This triggered the body’s glands to secret hormones.)1002 The energy and hydrogen atoms in a glass of Haqua, however, accelerate the reaction of these glands and increase libido.

Harmful Bacteria

Haqua Revitalize® Therapy destroys pathogenic bacteria. It has been scientifically proven that most pathogens are destroyed when water reaches the temperature of 70°C (158°F) and all are destroyed at 100°C (212°F).


Haqua Revitalize® Therapy impedes the toxins from smoking, alcohol, carbonated drinks, drugs, etc. The poisonous products of any foreign organisms are diluted in Haqua and then flushed from the body.

Addiction to Smoking, Drugs, and Alcohol

Haqua Revitalize® Therapy eradicates the addiction to alcohol overconsumption, smoking and drugs. Smokers, alcoholics, and people taking drugs or medications may face difficulties when combining both Haqua Revitalize® Therapy and these toxic and chemical substances. Frequent detoxification may be aggravated in a person both implementing Haqua Revitalize® Therapy and continuing their addiction. Counter-reactions will usually occur until the person boycotts any toxins or chemicals.


Factors that cause constipation include the buildup of toxins, kidney problems, exhaustion, colon cancer, obesity, etc., and the use of Haqua Revitalize® Therapy will eliminate these causes. The stomach consumes a substantial volume of water during the metabolic process; thus, gulping a glass of Haqua before a meal is strongly recommended.

Body Odor

Haqua Compress Therapy, a modality of Haqua Revitalize® Therapy, removes dead skin cells and the fungi that resides on human skin. During perspiration, sweat mixes with this dead skin and bacteria, which can cause an unpleasant odor. When the dead skin and fungi are cleared away, a pleasant odor remains.

Stress, Anxiety, and Sleep Disorders

Haqua Revitalize® Therapy eradicates the factors that lead to stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders by increasing the release of hormones like cortisol and serotonin.

Source of Creation

The amniotic fluid is an essential substance in fetal growth and is mostly composed of Haqua  (99% water, 37.5°C/99.5°F). Haqua Revitalize® Therapy unifies every single human being from the beginning of conception and has aided cells in effective and accurate growth.

Women’s Menstruation Cycle

Haqua Revitalize® Therapy regulates the menstruation cycle through adjustment of the body’ hormones.

Fetal Development

Haqua Revitalize® Therapy protects both the fetal development and the expectant mother, through the amniotic fluid, which is mostly Haqua. This hydrates the baby and fulfills his energy needs.


The use of Haqua Revitalize® Therapy softens contractions and allows for pain-free childbirth by softening the muscles, etc.

Baby’s Nutrition

Haqua Revitalize® Therapy can be safely utilized for the nutrition of infants and newborns. Haqua can be given at the same temperature as the mother’s milk or the baby’s bottle.


As the human body grows older, cells become dehydrated and the hydrogen pools that protect cells from free-radical damage drastically deplete. Free-radicals are responsible for the aging process. One paradox in life is that oxygen is the source of all life and is also the major cause of aging. Much effort is being expended to find powerful antioxidants that may control or reverse cell damage by oxidative free-radicals. The single factor that is common to all antioxidants is that they are all sources of hydrogen.

One of the FEEL’s offered by Haqua is hydrogen, proven to be the most powerful antioxidant. Thus, using hydrogen, Haqua Revitalize® Therapy reduces the aging process by repairing free-radical cell damage and returns human atoms to their original form.

Increasing Life Expectancy

As the body naturally eliminates toxins, harmful bacteria, fat deposits, and chemicals, its organs are returned to their natural functions.  This leads to longevity.

Free radicals are known to be responsible for the aging process. The hydrogen supplied from Haqua prevents cell oxidative damage (oxidation). A loss of the other FEEL’s also contributes to the aging process.

Around 70-100 billion cells die daily through apoptosis—normal, genetically regulated process of cell death—and new cells must replace them. Life expectancy is reduced when new cells do not compensate for the number of dead cells. Haqua Revitalize® Therapy secures the cell cycle.

Hot Weather

Through thermogenesis—burning calories to produce heat— Haqua Revitalize® Therapy aids the body in secreting the sweat hormones that cool it.  Thermogenesis causes vasodilation—widening of the blood vessels. This allows heat to leave the body. The consumption of cold water during hot weather leads to vasoconstriction—tightening of the blood vessels—which prevents the blood from releasing excessive heat, or resealing sweat hormone to cool the skin. This can also lead to high blood pressure and other health complications.

Cold Weather

During cold weather, the human body goes through vasoconstriction to prevent further loss of energy (heat) from the bloodstream. As vasoconstriction causes the narrowing of the blood vessels, the circulatory system is affected.  This leads to a lack of the oxygen, water, energy, hydrogen, and protein supply in the cells. Consuming Haqua (hot aqua, or hot water) prevents vasoconstriction and introduces new supplies of energy and heat to the body.


Haqua Revitalize® Therapy reduces poverty by cutting food intake by almost 80%. The energy that the human body needs is acquired through Haqua, instead of food.

Disease is the major cause of poverty around the world. Metabolic waste leads to many diseases, as dehydration and a lack of energy cause the body to store the waste instead of expelling it. Over time, there is an accumulation and then disease takes over. Improved health will reduce poverty.

World Peace and Stability

Haqua Revitalize® Therapy (HART) and Universal Cosmic Life (UCL) are interrelated—the HART-UCL Cycle. Mankind’s entire PEMS (Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual) Aspects of Health are directly associated with this Cycle.

Haqua Revitalize® Therapy is the exclusive source of PEMS Aspects of Health and, as more of the world adopts this universal natural therapy, our population will move towards an enhanced globalization, understanding, and tolerance in all fields: economic, political, environmental, and cultural. The primary source of globalization, all aspects of health will be easily attained by humanity, bringing world peace and stability.

Water is the elixir of life, with the power to join the world in health and peace. Haqua Revitalize® Therapy is the most efficient natural treatment with an aptitude to detoxify the human body of all toxins and the metabolic waste that negatively affect the body’s organs.


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