Aaron Welch was a digital marketer before the job even existed. In fact, unbeknownst to him, he started developing his career before he even finished elementary school when he got his first computer at seven-years-old.

Aaron is a Marine Corps Veteran, a tech expert, and a digital marketing pro with his own agency and more than 20 years of experience. He’s an accomplished success story. But back when he turned on his first computer as a child, he wasn’t thinking about any of that, or where his skills might take him in the future. He was just a dedicated kid who loved figuring out how things worked, digitally.

Instead of just playing around on computer games like most kids might, he immediately took up an interest in programming. Aaron was always online, learning and troubleshooting, and trying new things as he improved his craft. As he got older, his interest only grew stronger. During Aaron’s time in the Marines, he was the only guy in the barracks with his own computer.

An OG Digital Native

Today Aaron runs Lift Digital Marketing, a full-service agency, and people often ask how he learned to be so good at what he does. The reality is that back when Aaron first got started, there wasn’t really such a thing as digital marketing training. While students today can pursue degrees in the field, Aaron was almost entirely self-taught — that was the only way to learn! Aaron developed his hard-won skills by tinkering with technology day after day. By the time he was hired for his first digital marketing job, he was already so familiar with the work that the company didn’t even need to train him.

Aaron’s unique approach is rooted in the fact that he views digital marketing like a puzzle. He enjoys solving each step of the process, from determining what customers want to strategizing successful promotions. He loves sitting down at his computer each morning and asking himself, “how do we figure out what customers are looking for so we can position our clients for success?” When you enjoy work as much as Aaron does, creativity and speedy problem-solving becomes second nature.

Carving His Own Path

At that very first digital marketing job, Aaron quickly noticed gaps in the company’s business model and saw room for improvement in their marketing. He knew the company could do better. At the time, he was just 23 years old, and his supervisors didn’t want to hear his advice. But Aaron was confident that he had the know-how to make a difference, so he struck out on his own path.

Aaron spent the next several years as a freelance digital marketer. Then, he started working for Cisco, a renowned IT, cybersecurity, and networking giant. He spent his time there focused on global partner demand generation, creating campaigns on every continent and learning how a large company thrives. At Cisco, Aaron learned how to manage a team at the enterprise-level, something he would carry with him into his biggest endeavor yet: an agency of his own.

In 2018, Aaron and his business partner, David Sullivan, launched Lift Digital Marketing in Austin, Texas. Aaron and David had both been succeeding as digital marketing executives, and they were ready to channel their hard-won wisdom into an agency.

This full-service digital marketing agency helps businesses generate new leads with a focus on growth. Lift Digital Marketing works with clients in all different niches, but has a particular focus on serving tech and IT companies. Offering a full range of services, including everything from web design to optimizing conversion rates, Lift Digital stands out for its uniquely personal and high-performing approach.

A Boutique Agency With Decades’ Worth Of Wisdom

As it turns out, Aaron’s 23-year-old self was right: he knew how to help companies thrive. In Lift Digital’s first two years, the agency has made $1 million in revenue, and has continued to expand its team. As digital marketing becomes a more and more saturated field, OGs like Aaron and David stand out from the crowd. For them, their wisdom and work is driven by a passion for tech and the joy of helping clients reach their goals.

Aaron knew from the start that he wanted Lift Digital Marketing to be a boutique agency. He and his team see each client as a valued partner in achieving their goals. They know that each client’s business is more than just a company; it’s a lifeline that supports families and brings larger-than-life ideas into reality.

Having witnessed so many changes in this ever-evolving field, Aaron is a pro at helping his clients grow their businesses beyond what they ever dreamed was possible. Lift Digital Marketing makes its mark by prioritizing honesty, integrity, transparency, and of course, hard work. There’s no more rewarding puzzle than that.

Aaron Welch is a Marine Corps Veteran, entrepreneur, and marketer with more than 20 years of digital marketing experience. He is the founder of Lift Digital Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in generating new leads for businesses focused on growth. Looking for help with your digital marketing efforts? Visit this link to find out more: https://lift-digital.net/